I’mmm Baaaraaack!

Hey guys, sorry for the extended summer leave.  I’m going to be quite honest and say that after my big trip at the end of May/beginning-of-July, I was just exhausted.  Not to mention that I was getting sick of the way politics in our fine nation were headed.  So I decided to take a few months off, regroup my thoughts and return when ready.  That’s why I didn’t leave a “formal” (as formal as you can get on a small to midsized WordPress blog), but rather just left quietly.  If you look back on my last few days of posting, it’s clear that I was running out of creativity and energy.  So for your sanity and mine I decided a break was necessary.  And man did a lot happen during that break!  I decided I’m not really a conservative, sold my car and bought a bike, stole an Obama t-shirt, spread rumors about Sarah Palin, and most of all became the number 1 supporter of Obamacare!  So…… how was your summer?

Now obviously that’s all one big lie, though apparently lies are the going thing these days.  What really did happen this summer was eye opening:  I saw for the first time that our country really is headed south.  I joked about it via this blog/life in general (Don’t worry, I still will), but it occurred to me over the summer things are getting bad.  Having said that, I’m still the same person and chances are this blog won’t become any more serious than it was before.  I’m now just…. aware.  I’ve never really hinted at my age on this blog so it doesn’t influence the way it’s read, but I’m a pretty young guy.  And though I’ve been interested in politics since our election for Crayon Czar in first grade, I feel like for the first time I really understand what’s happening around us.  So hopefully I can bring some of that understanding through in my posts.

I look forward to posting as I used to, though I’ll probably avoid the filler posts for now.  They’re tons of fun for me because that’s the way I like to broaden my horizons, but I’m probably gonna be too busy, at least until after Christmas.  If it looks I have time for it I’ll be sure to bring it back!

Thrilled to be back everyone!



P.S. Who caught the punny title?  +1 smart points for you!

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