Van Jones Resigns: A Display of the Power of Fox News

Wow, I think I truly am shocked about this.

I haven’t been following the Van Jones saga much lately because I’d seen what I needed to see:  the guy is crazy and he is (was) an advisor to the president.  If I’m being perfectly honest, I assumed that he was here to stay so I just tried to block out all of the controversies surrounding him during my daily dose of Glenn Beck so I wasn’t freaked out even further.

So when I got home from church today, I was surprised to find on the AOL home page that Van Jones had resigned as green jobs advisor amid all the controversy.  But again, rather than owning up to his past statements and claims, Jones simply said he needed to leave due to the “vicious smear campaign” against him.  Van.. Buddy.. It’s not a smear campaign when it’s true.  Admit responsibility for your actions and leave with a little bit of dignity.  Without a doubt Jones knew that he was fast becoming baggage for the administration and that he probably wouldn’t be able to make many green jobs when the vast majority of America is against him.  In fact, AOL’s poll (I know it’s not scientific, but they’re usually pretty close) has 91%  giving Jones resignation a “Thumbs Up” and only 9% a “Thumbs Down”.

Glenn Beck, pat yourself on the back for this one

The whole debacle would have never gotten anywhere without all the coverage Glenn Beck has devoted to Van Jones over the past few days.  He’s constantly been pounding viewers with video clips and quotes from Van Jones that serve as an illustration of his lunacity.  The message obviously resonated with viewers; “Van Jones” was a trending topic on Twitter at the start of the weekend and the blogosphere has been ripe with “Get Rid of Jones!” posts.  Once the rest of the right-media (Basically Fox News) caught on to the situation, Sean Hannity picked it up and then it was all over.  When you’ve got the second biggest radio personality and quite possibly the most controversial cable news host broadcasting concrete evidence of insanity, somethings got to change.  And that my friends, is change we can believe in.

Vote in today’s poll about Van Jones’s resignation by click here.

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