Glenn Beck’s EARTHSHATTERINGLY HUGE Story: Don’t Forget to Tune-in Tomorrow at 5 PM/4 PM CST!

Oh man, Glenn Beck is on a roll lately.  He successfully lead the charge to get rid of nutjob Van Jones, and now he’s got an even bigger story that he plans to release tomorrow during his Fox News show.  The story is so big, in fact, that Glenn says we won’t be talking about healthcare anymore after tomorrow and people will go to jail.  He was very ambiguous with everything he said today, but he did show a short clip that said “SEX” and then it had some clips of a girl with a blurred out face saying something about “male clients”.  Could this be reminscent of the late 90s with Clinton and Lewinsky?

I’ve searched all over the internet this afternoon trying to find some more hints as to what his big story will be about so readers of The Conservative Journal could be ahead of the game, but Glenn and his crew have done a great job keeping everything hidden until the big air-date.

Tomorrow we’ll all see what he has dug up for us this time and if it truly is enough to send people to jail and get our minds off of healthcare.

Tune in tomorrow at 5 PM/ 4 PM CST on Fox News Channel to catch the earthshattering story.

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2 responses to “Glenn Beck’s EARTHSHATTERINGLY HUGE Story: Don’t Forget to Tune-in Tomorrow at 5 PM/4 PM CST!

  1. I don’t have a clue, but I’m eager to know what’s cooking. The political landscape is getting uglier and uglier.

    Have a great day. 🙂

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