Pros and Cons of Obama’s Healthcare Address to Congress: Yeah I’m Still Not For It.

Now that the healthcare bill has been passed, what does that mean for you?  Click HERE to read an updated post containing an overview of what did and did not make the bill.

Tonight was Barack’s big night to sell healthcare; some even called it his night to sell his next term as president.  With a speech that important, of course you’d expect it to be earthshattering.  Below is my take on the big healthcare pitch to America:


  • Whether he was being truthful or not, he put in a good word about our nation’s economy.  Those positive little tidbits are a great change from last Spring when he couldn’t tell us enough that our economy was failing.
  • He did a good job at the beginning by saying single payer was too far left, everyone paying for their own is too far right and we should meet in the middle and act bipartisanly.  If they’ll actually carry out that statement it would be wonderful.
  • He used the common sense solutions to his advantage.  Clearly, no one is going to argue AGAINST laws restricting health insurance companies from denying or restricting coverage once the patient gets sick.
  • He used it as a time to dispell the rumors swirling around healthcare, like coverage for illegals.  Though the claim that illegals aren’t covered drew boos and a “THAT’S A LIE” from South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson, I’ll take his word on that one until it’s 100% fact that they are actually covered.
  • He surprised me and expressed support for Tort Reform, which is absolutely necessary with or without this bill.  We HAVE to have Tort Reform.
  • Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi didn’t disappoint (as always) in the background entertainment department.  Joe kept the same perplexed, thinking face the entire 45 minutes and Nancy’s perpetual grimace was in full force tonight.


  • Barack should be over making jabs at President Bush by this point.  The line about healthcare spending being “less than we have spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and less than the tax cuts for the wealthiest few Americans” under the previous administration did nothing but entertain a few liberals and further alienate conservatives.
  • The Ted Kennedy nostalgia was not needed.  That just fires up the opposition because Democrats are clearly using his death to further the cause.
  • There were a few outright lies; the bit about the majority of Americans supporting the healthcare reform bill comes to mind.  A simple trip to RealClear Politics dispells that.
  • The whole chapter about the deficit not increasing a penny should probably be let go until he can show us what and where he’s going to squeeze money from.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve got $900 billion we can just slide around to suit this new healthcare system.
  • The idle threats towards those that misinterperate the bill at the end of the speech could definitely have been cut.  It reminded me of when your in high school and that guy gets to be hall monitor and tries to write you citations for things off campus.
  • Some of the sketchier provisions are still in the bill: Public option and mandatory health insurance, to name a few.

Overall, I give the speech 7 out of 10 Elephants; 6 for substance and 8 for delivery.  He got the main points across and that was good for him, but as he said during the speech, there are still many details to iron out.  And until those details (i.e. where he’s pulling $900 billion from) are cleared up, I don’t expect to see any big change in the American people’s perspective on the reform bill.

Now that the healthcare bill has been passed, what does that mean for you?  Click HERE to read an updated post containing an overview of what did and did not make the bill.

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5 responses to “Pros and Cons of Obama’s Healthcare Address to Congress: Yeah I’m Still Not For It.

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  3. I was actually impressed that he didn’t stutter or trip up on his words…I’d have been a bumbling fool–public speaking is not my strong point. Anyway, as a part time RN, I worry about the bottom line and how it will affect the quality of healthcare, amongst other things…

    • I guess when you’ve got the aid of 4 teleprompters, it’s much easier to make complete sentences when speaking to an entire country. I wish the people in Congress who have no medical background and are pushing for this healthcare reform would just sit down and talk with someone like you who has experience. Maybe then they’d see it’s not the way to go.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  4. I like you Rick. I completely agree with you. Nice job buddy! You are my friend now 🙂

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