The Big Glenn Beck Story: ACORN Giving A Prostitute Tax Evading Advice, Caught on Tape!

I wonder if these people are prostitutes on the side?

I wonder if these people are prostitutes on the side?

I raced home early today to watch today’s episode of Glenn Beck because I simply couldn’t wait to watch it tonight.  I Googled the scandal today during lunch and was pretty shocked at what I saw.  I’ve known ACORN was corrupt since we started hearing about their “work” a few years ago, but I never knew they were this corrupt.  I don’t know if this is an isolated incident (I mean I imagine they don’t get too many clients like this), but if the prostitute’s request went through this time without a hitch, I can’t imagine what other evasion they’ve guided along.

For those that don’t know what’s going on (Unless you watch Fox News or have Googled the scandal directly, you probably don’t) here’s a little recap:  Two aspiring journalists went into ACORN’s Baltimore office acting as a pimp and a prostitute in order to get tips on how to cheat their taxes, among other things.  Much to even my surprise, the two ACORN employees helped the two on everything they asked.  And though one did at one point say that their actions were illegal (She then said that she wouldn’t tell anyone, she didn’t even know as far as anyone else was concerned), the other encouraged her along and told her not to be ashamed of anything she did.  That’s pretty much the bare-bones of the story.

This is a real problem.  I’m not linking Barack Obama to this event in any way, but his ties to ACORN are deep: he used to be a lawyer for them and in December of 2007 he told a gathering of ACORN members that their input would be used during his term in office.  Not only that, but ACORN was listed in the stimulus package for a nice sum of nearly $10 billion.  So let’s sort this out one more team: a government funded organization that has full support of our COMMANDER IN CHIEF gives tax cheating advice to prostitutes.  That’s pretty much all there is to say.

I’m sure more revelations will present themselves before this story runs its course.  However, if you want to see anything at all about the developments you’ll have to tune into Fox News.  I’m not just saying that because Fox News is the only cable news channel that reports the news.  I’m saying it because as I type this post, the only news channel that has reported even one word about it is Fox News.  Not one mention by CNN, MSNBC, HLN, or any other news channel.  This is big, big news, how can they expect to remain credible when they haven’t covered it in any way?

As I said earlier, I’m sure we’ll hear more from this story and I’ll be here to keep you updated with my opinion along the way.  Voice your concerns directly to ACORN by looking up your states office and phone number here.  If the Mainstream Media isn’t putting the pressure on them, someone’s got too.

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Watch the full video of the interviews with ACORN by clicking here.

**Piece of irony: A friend of mine in Mississippi text me today and said: “Funny thing is, our ACORN office is on Hooker Street.”  Just a bit of humor to keep you from going insane now that you know your tax payer dollars could be going to help prostitutes evade their taxes.

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5 responses to “The Big Glenn Beck Story: ACORN Giving A Prostitute Tax Evading Advice, Caught on Tape!

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  3. Jerry Hosey

    FOX News was the only place I saw that was covering this story, and it was very news worthy, but for some reason only one network covered it. That is ridiculous. I agree with you that we as Americans need to do everything we can to get this story out there and help expose ACORN for the worthless pieces of crap they are. Great coverage of this on your part!


    • I totally agree, it’s completely ridiculous. The other networks are so afraid to step on Obama’s toes they won’t touch this story with a mile long stick. What they don’t understand is that this story is big in many ways that aren’t Obama-related, and they are going to lose a lot of credibility as this plays out.

      Thanks so much for the compliments and thanks for stopping by, Jerry!


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