The ACORN Prostitute Scandal: It’s Our Responsibility to Inform the Public, How To Be The Difference


It’s all of our responsibilities, whether conservative, liberal, independent, moderate, clueless, etc., to do what is right for our great nation.  Our founding fathers worked hard to create the America we are blessed to have today, and I honestly think they are rolling in their graves at the corruption and fraud that exists in our government.  ACORN’s been caught advising a prostitute on how to evade her taxes and keep her operation a secret, and billions of dollars are thrown away daily on worthless pet projects throughout the country and we’ve got to do something about it.  The mainstream media, including major news networks CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, etc., have not mentioned a word of the ACORN scandal.  They’ve had since 9 AM this morning to issue a statement, roll it across the news ticker, or anything at all to anounce to their viewers what is going on with our tax dollars and they have yet to do so.  Just to be clear: The major networks, with the exception to Fox News, have not reported ONE WORD on the ACORN scandal.

As citizens who love our country and don’t want to see our tax dollars funneled into corrupt organizations, we’ve got to STAND UP.  Don’t just watch from your chair and say “Well man, that’s unfortunate”.  If 99% of the media as a whole won’t put the pressure on our government, Democrats and Republicans alike, we’ve got to do it ourselves.  Don’t think you can’t make a difference.  If we all stand up against this, we won’t just make a difference, we’ll be the difference.

How to be the Difference:

  • Tell everyone you know of the ACORN story.  If you don’t want to come straight out and say “There’s a video of ACORN telling a prostitute how to cheat her taxes”, simply ask “Have you heard about ACORN” and go with it.  Totally painless, and extremely powerful.  Nothing travels faster than word of mouth.
  • Use Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc., to your advantage.  Twitter statuses are perfect to get the word out.  Currently, “ACORN” is barely in the top 10 subjects most mentioned in Twitter updates according to Trending Topics.  Clearly, the country does yet know.  Relay the message to everyone to tweet the story over Twitter.  If enough do it, the message will get out.  You should put a link to an article on the issue in your update, simply copy and paste one of the articles below into your Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter status.  Here are some you can use:
  • E-mail the story to everyone.  Leave it in comments on blog posts about relevant topics with one of the above links.
  • If you have a blog, by all means write about this issue.  Even a blog with two faithful readers will influence those two to stand up.  If your a member of any forums at all, find where this story will fit in and post a link to one of the above articles.
  • Send this article to everyone so they’ll know what do.  It’s not about how many readers I can get through this.  It’s for the good of America and our future.  If the only thing that happens because of this is the termination of the two employees, then no one will have learned anything and it will surely happen again.  If for some reason your anti The Conservative Journal, I don’t care if you copy and paste this and post it on your blog or e-mail it to a friend.  I’d love to get credit for it, but If you will only post or send this if I don’t get any it’s worth the loss.

Please do this for the good of America.  I’m making a commitment to do all that I can to get this story out.  I’m going to keep drilling this to you and other readers of this blog daily.  It’s necessary that this story gets out if we want any of it to get better.  Let your voice be heard and be the difference.

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3 responses to “The ACORN Prostitute Scandal: It’s Our Responsibility to Inform the Public, How To Be The Difference

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  2. Mary Stevens

    This is absolutely the worst time in the history of America!! America is suppose to be the home of the FREE and the BRAVE yet we are very close to LOSING all of what America stands for… We have thousands of people who come to America to seek the Freedom of our Country. You don’t see thousands of people leaving America for a better life in another country anywhere in this world. We have a president that was voted in on the fact that he would be the first African American president not on his credentials and Love of our country (and I wouldn’t care if he was green and purple) by fraudulent voter ballots(mickey mouse, double voters, made up names with unexisting addresses,… by way of ACORN last year during the polls. But Obama has been in tight with them in the past (on their payroll…) then he feeds them billions of dollars to have people refinance again when these people should never have passed the credit financing applications in the first place and NOW THIS!!!
    What is going on??? Why aren’t the people who have devoted their lives to the Freedom of Speech Ammendment (the courageous JOURNALISTS of our country and those in school studying to become journalists) not even addressing these outrages — NO NEWS Stations are even airing any of this Besides FOX news!!!
    We have allowed a man (who in my opinion now- should NEVER have even been allowed to run for president – His name alone should of had people running SCARED!! He admitted to Muslium practices and has released many back to their countries without any further investigation and who now is calling for an investigation of our countries SOLDIERS to be investigated and face possible charges instead!!) What MORE do the people of this country need to see to be convinced that something is very, VERY, wrong with this picture!! Now ACORN is going to distance themselves from this incident and try to pretend that they had nothing to do with what occured. PEOPLE – please be smart here and really think about this. Those women have been working for ACORN for a long time so don’t try to believe that this is the first and only time that this type of coersion has taken place in that Company! They have been investigated prior for many illegal activities- and all the sudden they became the fore-runner in the industry once Obama became president- Please do not be so naive or arrogant to try to pass this off to others as nothing more than an individual (or 2 individuals) that took it upon themselves to push illegal activities through the ACORN administration!! This goes far beyond the attrocities that are taking place in the White House with a president that doesn’t believe he should have to answer to anyone, he has appointed CZARS for Goddness sakes!! What the hell is going on here !! This isn’t Russia at least not yet — but it will be very soon if the people DO NOT stand up and take action to save the lives we have all enjoyed by being American citizens up until now!! We will have NO more rights and there will be no more small business owners and the freedom to work for yourselves. And most of all don’t look away and turn a blind eye because if something isn’t done very soon- it will all be gone and then it will be too late!!! There will be no recourse. Everyone needs to get involved to save our rights and freedom as Americans. Are the Men and Companies in power being paid off or black mailed or coersed to stay quiet?? Why are the Big Media and News stations not addressing any of this? Please answer me that BIG question because something very strange is going on for the Journalists of this country to not be addressing anything AT ALL that in any way puts a bad light onto what is going on behind the scenes and the blatent scandals that are just being bypassed without one word to the people of this country??!! We need to stand together and fight for our rights- NO ONE is going to do it for you–it is our duty to get involved and rise up against BIG Government before we lose all of our rights! Then we will have no one else to blame but ourselves. This is our warning – not when it’s too late to do anything and we have lost America!

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