My Follow Up to Yesterday: Which of the Mainstream Media Outlets Reported on the ACORN Prostitution Story Today?

Yesterday afternoon I spent several hours being totally frustrated and angry.  It all started with the ACORN story, but quickly my aggravation began to stem from something else: the mainstream media’s complete refusal to cover or even mention the story.  That quickly began the bigger deal to me.

To follow up my posts from yesterday about the blatant media bias, I did my rounds on the internet to check and see if CNN, MSNBC, and others had posted anything at all on their websites.  I figure a day and a half is more than enough to have your say, right?   Here’s what I found:

  • CNN- CNN posted a story on their website at around 9 AM CST.  The articles’s headline stated that ACORN employees had “allegedly” been caught advising a prostitute, but the actual body of the article was good, fair, and didn’t try to sugar coat anything.  CNN did, however, give Joe Wilson’s “You Lie” outburst precedence over the ACORN scandal by putting it as the featured story.  CNN earns a 6.5 out of 10 Elephants for their coverage.
  • MSNBC- This is a most deplorable network.  As of now (1 PM CST), they have yet to mention a word of this story on their website.  Their lead story is the anniversary of 9/11, wich is definitely worthy news.  However, ignoring the ACORN issue is not acceptable.  As expected, MSNBC earns 0 out of 10 Elephants for their non-coverage.
  • ABC- I was unable to find any word of the story on any of their news show websites, such as Nightline and Primetime, but their websites are rather hard to navigate so I could have missed it.  Until further inspection, they remained unrated.
  • NBC- Their Dateline website was devoid of any coverage of the story.  Their featured stories were the same as those on  NBC is awarded 0 out of 10 Elephants for their non-coverage.
  • AOL News- I realize this isn’t an official news source, but it is the number 1 internet home page in the world.  So it does have some effect.  I thought surely they’d put the story as the feature, but they opted out and instead talked about the “What Gender is She??” controversy surrounding that runner.  The ACORN story was listed as the second story in “Also in the Headlines” on the main news slide, and while it’s good it was on the main page, the article itself is very poor in quality.  A two line paragraph gives the bare bones of what happened, and it is then followed by ACORN’s rebuttle and comments on the two journalists who filmed them.  Better still is the fact that the ACORN story was featured along with Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You Lie!” outburst.  It was 5 short paragraphs of ACORN and then as soon as it finished it said in bold “Quote of the Week”, then went on to talk about Joe Wilson.  How these two are in anyway related is beyond me.  AOL gets a 4.5 out of 10 for mentioning it, but not really reporting it as its own story.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this own my lunch break today, but for some reason it didn’t post so I just resubmitted it.  If any of the information has changed, please let me know so I’m not spreading lies.  Also, it’s my understanding that AOL took the story completely off their main page, or any of the “Featured” slides.  Unacceptable.

What do you think of this blatant disregard to real journalism?  Have these networks forgotten their jobs? Remember, it’s our responsibility to stand up and do what’s right for this country.  Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to  Don’t forget to bookmark The Conservative Journal and sign up for the RSS Feed and the daily e-mail newsletter.

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