Glenn Beck: “We have to refound America!”- His Solution to Fix the Decline of Our Government

To read the update on the “Refound America” project, click here.

A few short minutes ago, Glenn Beck let us all know what he thinks is necessary to save America: refound it.  Using theswine flu impact graphic, Glenn showed us that corruption starts in Washington and spreads with every move the government makes.  When Congress signs over stimulus money, the corruption leaks down to the pet projects and the congressmen and women presiding over them.  From their, corruption gets into the system at the local level, and that’s where we are today: extremely and overwhelmingly corrupt.  To fix it, Glenn says we have to “quarantine corruption in Washington”, by not allowing anything in or out, and imposing a hold on all legislation until we sort through this.

After comparing our future to present-day Mexico, Glenn said we simply need 56 “refounders”; Congressmen and women that will start with their own party and work through the muck of corruption.  Not Republicans that say “Oh, the Democrats are worse”, or Democrats that say “The Republicans are wingnuts”, but American Patriots.

The refounding plan will be detailed more on the Monday “Glenn Beck Program” episode, including how Congressmen and women can jump on the refouding bandwagon.  I’ll have more details as they become available.

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22 responses to “Glenn Beck: “We have to refound America!”- His Solution to Fix the Decline of Our Government

  1. lynwood tilghman

    tell me what u need anything i can do to help

    we have to free our country

    god bless our contry

  2. Anne Perry

    I want to help – I am 70 years old, this is no longer my country! I can’t believe the corruption! I was a banker before retirement, was born in Hawaii, was there when Hawaii was bombed (Dad was Navy Submariner -awarded Navy Star plus other medals – he has got to be turning in his grave.

  3. BJ

    I think Beck’s idea is one that’s a long time coming.

  4. My daughter was diagnosed with APlastic Anemia in 4/04.She just changed jobs and did not have health ins. Long story short,She came to Ny to get treatment{she lived in FL].Not having health ins I feel she died when she did not have to. With Obama’s plan the problem could be catastrophic.

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Donna. I know that kind of stuff is hard. But I agree, the proposed plan is only going to make instances like yours more prevalent.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, hope to see you again!


  5. Shirley O

    Good work, keep it up maybe you will get our country back as it use to be .

  6. Dear Glenn of Fox News

    I just recently emailed the President Of The United States concerning energy without fuel. As we know electricity can be produced with wind, water, coal , and oil/gas and even solar. I told the President how we can produce electricity to run turbins which produce electricity for major cities without the use of any of these sources.

    It came to me yesterday which compelled me to write the President. This source could take our dependency of foreign oil away and put America back on top and become and export of a truely new INOVATION. I shared with the President that power plants with this new INOVATION should be built by every major city in the country.

    You ready Glenn the source would be enviomentally safe to air, land, and sea, no polution. Place a repelling magnet slaits on the turbines and a retractable repelling magnet slate on a slide frame which could be closed in on the turbine which would spin the turbine without any need for fuel of any source. This method could also be engineered into the vehicle transportation/ auto industry to produce a self suficient electrical running car without the need for solar, or fuel.

    I don’t know if the President would take this for action but this method could take this country out of the deficit it is in right now. This country could be the export of electrical self suficient running automobiles. And this would not be the end it could be used for trucks, planes, ships, Etc. This is the self suficient substaining energy of the future.

    This would eliminate much of the polution our nation releases into the atmoshere on a daily basis. The Gas pump would become a thing of the past.

    My name is
    Fred Hayston
    I live in florida please feel free to put me on Fox News, My ph# 9544328032

    • Great post Fred! I think your proposal in one we as a nation should definitely look into. I recommend contacting your senator or house representative and discussing the options with them. They’re much easier to contact than the president, obviously. Good luck with getting your idea out and I’ll do everything I can to help you out.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, hope to see you again!


  7. elnetapiggott

    glen please go to http://www.orlytaitz to check out obama legal birth. case in ca. court. keep up the good work.

  8. Deb Eldridge

    I watch Glen Beck every chance I get. I E-mail my Senator Chuck Schumer not to change my health care plan and keep 11 million illegal aliens off our healthcare. They need to send them back to there own country so their government can pay for their healthcare. My respond was I hear you. When are these government official going to realize they work for us, we do not work for them. If I can be one of those 56 people can change this country I am willing to do it. I am not the greatest writer, but I am willing to help get back our country where it belongs.

    • That’s a great first step, Deb! E-mailing your senator or representative is probably the best thing you can do to block healthcare from passing.

      I too wish I could be one of the lucky 56 that get to change the country. Unfortunately I believe it’s only open to Congressmen and women. As a citizen, you can be a watch dog, visit to find out more!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hope to see you again!


  9. Gary from NYC

    I want to be involved!!!! What can we do? I hope after 9-12, this movement dosen’t fizzle out. What’s next? Where can we go to get involved in any future events????? The fire has been lit. Now we MUST keep it burning!

    • I’m glad to see your excitement, Gary! I’m working on something for readers of The Conservative Journal, but you can visit, scroll to the bottom of the page, click the “watchdog” symbol, and read up on Glenn’s call to action for Americans!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, hope to see you again!


  10. Wendy

    I am a newly activated conservative. I had never written a politician until about 6 months ago, when after watching a few days of Glenn Beck, I realized that I had no right to complain if I wasn’t willing to do the work. I have since tried to daily express my thoughts and opinions to those who represent me in Washington. I think that Glenn’s 56 Re-founders is a phenomenal way of getting on the inside. I have written to my Senators and Representative and have asked them to consider where they stand. It was exhilerating last evening to see that 1, and then 2 patriots had already stepped forward. I feel that we have made great progress in the past few months, but we must not falter. It is time to press a little harder. Having attended the 912 March in Washington, I am made bold. We must continue the fight with energy. I believe our Rebublic can be saved.

    • Thanks for the great comment, Wendy! I’m glad to hear that you getting fired up for the conservative cause! I too was thrilled to hear that there are even two people in Congress that will stand up for what’s right!

      If your Senators and Respresentative respond, let me know! If you’d be interested I’d love getting the response out so people can see that writing a senator or representative is beneficial in some way.

      Your enthusiasm is inspiring! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you again!


  11. Stephen Renas

    We don’t need to “refound” our country. The founding fathers found our country the right way and no TV show host could come close to making it any better. What we need to do is follow the principles that were originally set in the constitution, not try to make new ones. Especially not by Glenn Beck. As a conservative I am sometimes appalled at how easily other conservatives follow his show.

    We have the ability today to make informed decisions by ourselves without having to hear spin on the TV news networks like CNN and MSNBC and ABC/CBS/NBC And that goes for Fox News, too.

    As conservatives, if we really truly want to make our country better, just follow the rules. And the gipper. Don’t forgot the gipper.

    • I’m not Glenn so I can’t speak for him, but I think he meant to do just that: bring America back to what it was founded upon. As far as I know (and if this isn’t the case, then I’m with you), Glenn isn’t proposing that we make new principles, but rather go back to the original principles that we’ve left behind along the way.

      I couldn’t agree more with what you’re saying, Stephen. I don’t think anyone on ANY network could found America any better than the original founding fathers did. I do think, though, that with Glenn’s huge platform and audience, this project could be very beneficial in bringing us back to where we started.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment! Hope to see you again!


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