Thoughts From Around the Blogosphere: Reactions to the ACORN Prostitution Scandal

To read my reaction(s), click here, here, or here. I was on a roll.

Here’s what the rest of the blogosphere had to say…

Top Truth: Wake Up America

Why is it that everyone around our president is filthy and corrupt?

Gateway Pundit

Now today, we find out that the Democrats favorite community organizers are pushing teen prostitution.
It figures. Big Government has the undercover investigation that the state-run media is ignoring.

The Conservative Republican Standard

This is so flipping ridiculous. Everyone at ACORN should be ashamed of what is going on at their office in Baltimore.

Jonathan Turley

Obviously, ACORN is a large organization and cannot be tarnished with the actions of a couple of employees, even if this tape is proven to be legitimate.

Crush Liberalism

The video with the “false portrayal” has resulted in a couple of ACORN workers getting fired.  I suppose ACORN figured out that you can actually learn a lot about a situation when you actually see it for yourself!

Abnersnoot’s Blog

America, this is your tax dollars at work. We continue to create 5 billion dollars in dept every 5 weeks. that is $1,000,000,000.00 every seven days. How much do you think goes to schools, roads, levee’s, helping the average American out…not nearly as much as goes to organizations like ACORN.

On Man’s Thoughts (On Census Bureau cutting ties with ACORN)

People, we won another battle it keep our country free. Keep up the pressure. We can stop Obama and his socialist agenda.

The Universe Exists for My Amusement (On Census Bureau cutting ties with ACORN)

The ACORN falls from the tree and is crushed under the heel of a boot.

PUMABydesign001’s Blog

ACORN is crooked and should be investigated, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and all government funding to this organization should cease immediately.  It is that simple.  BRING ACORN DOWN!!!!

Legacy of my Fathers

ACORN’s towers are falling. I’m tellin’ you, ACORN is done. They can’t recover from this.

I had to scrounge about the blogosphere to dig these up.  With the mainstream media blocking this out completely, there haven’t been too many reactions to this story.

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