Fireside Chats: Catch ’em Now at The Conservative Journal

I love to use what little creativity I have and create new mini-series.  That lastest addition to the growing family of mini-series that’s giving the Duggars a run for the money is Fireside Chats; basically Q&A’s with people that have done something important or have something important to say.  Anyone’s really eligible as the subject of one of these chats; whether they be an up-and-coming blogger, a business owner, a political activist, a bean farmer, the list goes on and on.

I’ll be kicking off this series this afternoon with a Q&A with Mike S., an Alabama resident who participated in The 9/12 Project Rally in DC on Saturday.  Be sure you come back at 8 CST to check that out!

If you or anyone you know has something they’d like to say in a fireside chat, e-mail me the details at or leave the info in a comment.

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