Fall TV Lineup: House, Fringe, The Office, Parks and Recreation.. I Can’t Wait!

There are two subjects I love to talk about: politics and entertainment (television, music, etc.).  So when the fall tv season rolls around, my face lights up with joy.  If you followed this blog at all up until the end of the tv season last May then you know what I’m talking about.

The Plan

This tv season, I plan to recap and review House, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Fringe, Glee, SNL Weekend Update Thursday, SNL, and Past Life and American Idol when they air.  Here’s a detail of the dates so you can plan accordingly:


  • House (FOX)- 7 PM CST- House won’t premiere until next week, unfortunately.  But when it does it promises to be a big opener with 2 hours of sarcasm and medical drama.  I’ll definitely be bringing you my recap of this!


  • Past Life (FOX)- Midseason debut at 8 PM CST- “Past Life” will debut midseason as a new show on the FOX network.  “Past Life” sounds exciting, so I can’t wait to see how it is!  Here’s a summary courtesy of GiveMeMyRemote.com:

From writer David Hudgins (“Friday Night Lights”), and inspired by the book “The Reincarnationist” by M.J. Rose, comes PAST LIFE, a new drama series about an unlikely pair of past-life detectives who investigate whether what is happening to you today is the result of who you were before.


  • Glee (FOX)- 8 PM CST Ends Midseason- Yeah I realize I missed recapping the premiere of “Glee” last week, but I watched it and it was hilarious.  So I’ll be adding it to the lineup this year.
  • Human Target (FOX)- 8 PM CST Starts Midseason- “Human Target” will pick up midseason when we let go of “Glee”, and I’m not really sure what it’s about.  All I know is that it’s an adaptation by some DC Comics thing.  If it’s good, I’ll cover it.


This is the big day.  I’m considering making this “No Politics Thursday”.  What do you think?

  • SNL Weekend Upate Thursday (NBC)- 7 PM CST- I love everything related to SNL, especially Weekend Update.  This recap will contain mostly video links to funny stuff.
  • Parks and Recreation (NBC)- 7:3o PM CST- Once again, I love everything related to SNL and Amy Poehler is the product of SNL.  This show was hilarious back in the spring so I can’t wait.
  • The Office (NBC)- 8:00 PM CST- Ahh, The Office, it’s a classic.  It could be the funniest in the comedic trifecta that is NBC Thursday.
  • Fringe (FOX)- 8 PM CST*- Fringe was my favorite new show of last year.  It has action, science fiction aspects, mystery, humor, everything you could ever want in a show!  I can’t wait for this one.

*Due to scheduling overlaps, the Fringe recap will start at 8:30 PM nightly, after The Office airs.


  • SNL- 11:30 PM CST- I can’t wait for this!  It doesn’t premiere until 26th, though, so we’ll just have to sit tight.

That’s about all I can handle covering at this point.  Of course American Idol will be added in January when it starts, and if I begin recapping one of the new shows, but my interest falls off, I’ll drop the review.  There’s no use in forcing out a review of a show I don’t like when I could be writing about something more interesting.

For those that don’t know how I recap, here’s the scoop:

My recaps are part summary, part review.  I do the summary part while the show is playing, updating the post during each commercial break.  So my recaps are usually pretty in-depth.  At the end of the recap, I write a paragraph of my opinion on the episode, whether I liked it or not, a rating, and any other information that’s needed.

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