Poll of the Day: Would You Hire Someone Who was Homeschooled?

Now, before you jump on me for the headline, it does have a point:  I just posted this post about a liberal at the DUmp that said he/she would never hire someone who was homeschooled.  So that’s why I’m asking.  I have zero problem with hiring someone who was homeschooled, and I have hard time being okay with anyone that would discount that whole group of people.  Vote below in today’s poll of the day!

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2 responses to “Poll of the Day: Would You Hire Someone Who was Homeschooled?

  1. clhamm

    First of all, I would like to say that I homeschooled all three of my children until high school and they are all doing quite well. I have a friend that has homeschooled all seven of her children and they are doing very well also. The only trouble I find with not going to school at least the last couple years is that they do not get the regular diploma which many place will not give someone a second look if they don’t have it. Even though, so many of our young people now hold a GED. I believe the best thing homeschool young people can do is get out and do some volunteer work and be active in their community. Then when going to look for a job, put a good resume together and let it speak for itself. Homeschooling is not easy for anyone involved, and people should not believe that a homeschooled person is in any way less qualified!

    • Great comment! I was hoping someone with experience in this situation would respond. I agree, there’s no reason to judge home schooled children. I’m glad to hear about your success in schooling your 3 kids!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment! Hope to see you again!


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