The Conservative Journal Deluxe: A Few Membership Changes

Don’t panic!  The giveway is still on!  However, I’ve come up with a way for you to increase your chances of winning the netbook, and all it will take is two simple clicks of the mouse.  The following two methods will count as an additional entry for the drawing of the netbook, as long as you are signed up for the newsletter as well (click here to do that).  If you are signed up for the following two services but not the newsletter, you will get nothing.  Here are the additional entry ways:

As I said, joining either of the two additional services will vastly increase your chances of winning, so be sure to join them today!  Just remember, you won’t be eligible for anything unless you are signed up for the e-mail newsletter!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Have you signed up for Deluxe Membership yet?  Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to  Don’t forget to bookmark The Conservative Journal and sign up for the RSS Feed and the daily e-mail newsletter.

Also, Deluxe Membership is now available, click here to join for free and you could win a brand new netbook!

Thanks for reading!


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11 responses to “The Conservative Journal Deluxe: A Few Membership Changes

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  2. I’ve deactivated my Facebook account, but I’m now following you on Twitter.

    Have a great day. 🙂

  3. Valerie C.

    I’m a newsletter subscriber and I’m now following you on Twitter. I’m dragonfly777 on Twitter. Thank you.

  4. Kayce C

    I’nm following on twitter as yadgirl.

  5. Lorraine

    I am already a member of Facebook, how do I get connected with The Conservative Journal on my Facebook page?

    • By “Becoming a Fan” you are connected! The Conservative Journal will not only be listed on your profile as things you’re a fan of, but it will also be an alternate way to receive Conservative Journal updates. Great question!

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again!


  6. Cathy Cook

    Hi Rick…add you on facebook…happy to be a fan !

  7. Gayle Watkins

    Following you on Twitter
    Fan on FB
    Joined email list


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