DUmmies Exposed: 7th Grade Education > Homeschooling

Democratic DUmmies from the DUmp

How many times have you heard a Democrat preach about how they are the open-minded party of love and compassion?  Chances are, the number of times you’ve heard that and the number of times you’ve talked to a Democrat are equal.  In the time I’ve been following the DUmp, I’ve noticed that this is absolutely not the case.  Here’s the latest evidence of that in a post titled:

Would you hire a job applicant who was Home-schooled?

ThomWV (1000+ posts) Tue Sep-15-09 08:24 AM
Original message
Would you hire a job applicant who was Home-schooled?
Years ago in a job I had it was necessary, from time to time, for me to select people to be hired for the company. When there was a position that needed to be filled I’d head down to the Personnel Office where I’d be given current job applications for review. I’d pick the one’s I liked and they’d arrange appointments for interviews and so on.

I had that job for about four years and in that time I never saw an application from anyone who indicated they were ‘home schooled’. If I had seen that I would have passed it over faster than a 7th grade drop out.

How about you, would you do the same – reject home schooled applicants out of hand without further consideration? There are certainly examples of well educated children who were home schooled and others who are not but overall how do you feel about home schooling?

Seriously?  What kind of bogus reasoning is this?  I’d like for this DUmmy to show me exactly where he drew the conclusion that homeschooled students don’t know more than a 7th grade dropout.  Maybe this is really a homeschooled student trying to figure out what his job prospects are?  Well, regardless of the thought process (or lack thereof) behind this post, I must commend those DUmmies that stood up to Thom and said they’d hire a homeschooler in a heartbeat.  If you were a math equation you’d equal 0.5DUmmy.

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