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2 responses to “Barry Fail- All the Obama News That You Need: Check This Out!

  1. Edward Young

    Dear Mr. Fail….here is a letter I just posted (Snail Mail) to Michael Steele. If we use the same tatics by overloading them law suits we will force them to change and in the change they loose the advantage they have built.

    Mr. Michael Steele
    Republican National Committee
    310 First Street, SE
    Washington, DC 20003

    Dear Mr. Steele,

    Thank you for your time and review of the following. I will be 70 on October 12, 2009. I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Master of Arts in 1976. I did my under graduate work at the University of Washington during the 60’s and remember the radicals on campus blowing up things. I do not recall studying or hearing the name Saul Alinsky until Mr. Obama began running for office of President. After he was elected I began hearing the name Alinsky a number of more times. I decided to order his Rule For Radicals. I read it cover to cover several times and came to the conclusion that if you wanted to know what Mr. Obama’s game plan was all you had to do was read Alinsky’s book. None of the Cable or other channels had said anything about Alinsky’s philosophy
    and Mr. Obama. I felt so strongly about the obvious connection that I began sending one email after the other to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Bill O’ Reilly was the first to do a half hour segment on it with a couple of talking heads; one from the left and one from the right. Both agreed that everything Obama is doing can be found in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Mr. Obama’s call for change with out defining what type of change, his, day after day, news conferences loading more and more ideas and changes he wants to make on the government system are all part of Alinsky’s strategy and tactics. Overload the system till it breaks under the weight. This strategy impacted Sarah Palin in Alaska; one frivolous law suit after another. Anything that would take up her time and resources so she could not do her job. I have an idea based on all of this:

    Verbal contracts are binding in just about every count I know of. Mr. Obama said in his run for the White House that he would eliminate earmarks. The entire US heard this statement and yet both Democrats and Republicans loaded the Stimulus plan with one after the other. He also said that no bill would be signed until everyone had the opportunity to look at it and have input. He pushed the Stimulus bill through without hardly anyone in the congress reading it or knowing what was in it. These were all verbal contracts with “We The People” of this great country. We need to use Alinsky’s strategy and overload with class action law suits against Mr. Obama for breach of contract with the American people. He made an offer to eliminate earmarks and a number of other offers. He received, as a result, the votes of the American People and he has not been true to his part of the contract.

    We the People would like to ask for redress in the form removing all the earmarks in the Stimulus bill and returning the money allocated to the those earmarks to the American People.

    There needs to be one law suit after the other demanding justice and enforcement of the breach of Mr. Obama’s verbal contract with the American People. There are a number of other verbal contracts he has made that he has also broken. All of these need to be address, one after the other. I am sure that the Obama Media will get involved in defending him and bringing these actions of a person that has broken his promise to pay his part of the contract with the people that voted for him and those that did not.


    H. Edward Young
    P.O. Box 1430
    Rathdrum, ID 83858-1430

    cc Efile

    • That’s a great e-mail, Edward! I hope Michael Steele gets back to you, I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. Everything you’ve said is quite true. Let me know if you get a response!

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again!


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