Thrilling Thursdays: You Definitely Want to Be Here

For those who were following the blog in the spring or late winter, I’m sure you remember “No Politics Tuesday”.  For those that don’t remember/weren’t hear, let me catch you up.  Trust me, it’s not difficult:  Every Tuesday I took a break from discussing anything about politics and posted only entertainment stories, reviews, etc.  Well, after the television shows ended (though to be quite honest it started to crumble a little earlier) No Politics Tuesday kind of fizzled out.  Well, let me tell you right now, I’m bringing it back and this time it’s better than ever.

Everyone give “Thrilling Thursdays” a warm round of applause.  Woo!  Since most of the television shows I will recap air on Thursdays, I found it only fitting to switch the entertainment days around.  The new day for fun isn’t called “No Politics Thursday” because I make no promises the day will be devoid of political discussion.  In fact, I posted something about ACORN earlier today.  So Thrilling Thursdays will be a mixture, though mostly entertainment content.

Here’s the scoop on what Thrilling Thursdays will hold:

  • Recaps of “SNL Weekend Update Thursday”, “Parks and Recreation”, “The Office”, and “Fringe”.  These are live blogged, so I’ll be posting the recaps as they happen.
  • At least one music review or book review.
  • The Thrilling Thursdays TCJ Arena Smackdown.  This is going to be really fun.  Starting next week, I’ll be doing a contest exclusively for subscribers.  So if you haven’t signed up, read more about it here, or click here to fill out the registration form (all it takes is an e-mail address and your ready for action!).  The Smackdown isn’t going to be a giveaway, but an actual contest where you have to do something.  Don’t worry, there will be a good prize envolved.  Remember, these are exclusively for Deluxe Members.  Become one free by clicking here and reading the details!

That’s all for Thrilling Thursdays now.  The first full force Thrilling Thursday will take place next week, so make sure your here for the contest!  I’ll make an announcement on contest details next week.

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Thanks for reading!


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