September 18th News Bits and Pieces: Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Carrie Prejean, and Republicans

News and Politics

Democrats run away from embattled ACORN

Aside from the fact that the article I linked to is a grossly biased look at the issue by MSNBC (slight exaggeration), this is refreshing news for me to read/hear.  It’s no surprise that Republicans in Congress were able to band together and vote for banning ACORN funding, but the fact that any Democrats are jumping on board is a great sign that we’re getting somewhere.

CNN Responds to Fox Ads: “You Lie!”

I’m afraid that I’m going to have to take CNN’s side on this.  Write it down, because this is probably the first and the last time.  While I do agree with Fox that they gave the best and most indepth coverage of the 9/12 Rally, CNN did show up for some coverage.  And while I don’t agree with Sanchez (CNN) that it was “extensive coverage”, it was some and therefore CNN did not deserve to be mentioned in the Fox News ad that listed all of the networks that ignored the story.

Ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean says she’s not a ‘hater’ at Values Summit

For those that were following me during the start of the Carrie Prejean saga, you’d know that I’m on her side.  I really am.  But I think she maayyy be milking the beauty pageant events a little too much.  I think she definitely deserved her attention for that right after it happened, but it’s been many months.  I think Carrie would make a great news anchor, tv personality, etc., but I’d like for her to do it on her own right and not because of a scandal caused by a lowlife scum.

Dow nears one-year highs

WOO THE RECESSIONS OVER!  EVERYONE GO BUY A NEW BMW!  Alright, not quite.  I have my doubts that the recession is truly over, especially since job less is expected to continue.  I think what we may see is a “double-dip” recession; meaning it’s going to look like it’s getting better (now), but then drop back off again slightly before getting fully better.  I do think the worst is over, and I’d love to proven wrong on my “double-dip” theory.  After all, it is just a theory.


Was Kanye-Gate Staged?  Experts Say No.

Why do people write pointless articles about stuff we already know?  AOL really just wrote this article to reaffirm common and accepted fact that this event was not staged?  Someone needs a new creativity team.

Taylor Swift Gets A Few Questions Too Many About Kanye West VMA Interruption

Like the rest of us, even Taylor Swift is tired of hearing about herself and Kanye.  In an interview today, she asked the interviewer to move on from the Kanye subject because she didn’t “want to make it a bigger deal than it is”.  When the interviewer continued talking about it, she quit doing the interview.  I’m liking Taylor Swift more and more by the day.  She’s starting to grow up and stand up for herself, whereas before she’s always come across as so week and feeble.  Good for her!

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