EnergyFLA: Securing Florida’s Future Through Energy Exploration, Part 1

This is the first in a multi-part series that expresses my support and gives the details of EnergyFLA, a group that is making efforts to allow exploration for energy sources off of Florida’s cost.

Question:  What’s a great way to increase energy production domestically, increase tax revenues, and produce jobs?  A good answer to that question is energy exploration in our own waters, and that’s just what EnergyFLA is trying to do.

EnergyFLA is a group of Floridians (is that what you call them?) that are coming together to push for oil exploration in Florida’s waters.  When you look at the facts and figures behind their mission, there’s really no argument against it.  Here’s a brief overview before I delve into the intense statistics in the next post:

  • Increased jobs for Florida.  I don’t live in Florida, but you can’t argue against an increase in jobs anywhere during this tough time.  The money paid for work done on this project would quickly be back in the states bank account by the massive revenue increase the drilling would bring about, so it’s not like Florida would be printing money it doesn’t, or won’t, have.
  • General Decrease in Gas Prices. If Florida proves to be a great source of energy, the United States would have an increased domestic supply, allowing us to rely less on countries in OPEC, therefore giving us more freedom over our gas prices.
  • Increased Revenue, Same Taxes. Conservative estimates show that the state of Florida could see a $31 billion increase in revenue over a 20 year period if offshore drilling is explored.  At a time when many are considering tax hikes to make up for deficits, this could be exactly what they need to push that budget out of the red.
  • More Reliability and Durability. With a ban placed on drilling from the shore to 10.35 miles out, Florida relies on other sources to get its fuel.  Nearly all of Florida’s fuel arrives to the state through merely 2 pipelines.  This leaves the state vulnerable to massive shortages of fuel if disaster were to strike.  During Katrina, for instance, the entire state nearly experienced a “blackout” of fuel due to pipeline damage.  Drilling off the shores of Florida would provide many more entry points for fuel into the state.
  • The Fuel is There, Why Not Use it? It’s been proven that the oil is there, some studies show that Florida’s oil fields rival those of East Texas.  Jay and Blackjack fields hold enough fuel for 1 billion barrels, the Sunniland region holds a similar amount, and right in between the 3 is 4.5 million acres of unexplored ocean floor that is sure to hold billions more barrels of fuel.

With all these statistics and facts showing the promise of offshore drilling in Florida, it seems clear that this is a necessary step we must take in the face of declining oil production and a shrinking economy.  If you’re a resident of Florida, be sure and let your state representative know that you support offshore drilling and all of it’s many benefits!

To visit the online headquarters for EnergyFLA, click here.  Be sure and look for my next post on the EnergyFLA project, where I’ll answer questions sent in by you, the readers.  If you have any questions, e-mail them to me at

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