This Week at The Conservative Journal: September 20th- 26th

Generally, these posts will run on Sundays, as that’s the beginning of the week.  I realize that posting this on Tuesday isn’t quite as effective, but I just decided I’d do it a few minutes ago.  These posts will just contain the high points of what to expect during the week.  The content scheduling may change, and many posts not listed will be posted throughout the week.  Here’s a quick overview:


  • Check This Out: Get a look at the latest hot blog that received the “Check This Out Award”!


  • Look for a recap of “Fringe” and review of the Kings of Leon’s latest album “Only By the Night”.  The usual recaps of “Parks and Recreation”, “Weekend Update”, and “The Office” will come on Friday or Saturday, as I will be out of the house during their air time on Thursday.  Also, make sure you stop by Thursday to see the details on the “Thrilling Thursday” content for the week.


  • Chances are, posting will be light on Friday, if not non-existent.  As of now, I think I’ll be working late again Friday, but I’ll let you know if these changes.


  • Look for a “Fireside Chat” with an American who became a fan of Barack during the campaign and is now deeply regretting his decision.  This one’s sure to be interesting!

There’s the highlights for the week!  Don’t forget to stop by daily and check out the latest Conservative Journal content.  And remember, these aren’t the only post scheduled for each day, just the big ones.

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Thanks for reading!


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