This Week at The Conservative Journal: September 27th- October 3rd

Sorry posting was so non-existent Friday and Saturday.  I was extremely busy with work and I didn’t have much free time.  But this week I should be back on schedule with regular posting.  Here’s a look at you can expect for the week ahead:


  • I’m pretty much going to play catch up today and post the big stuff I was planning on posting at the end of last week but didn’t get to due to time constraints.  That means you can look for that “Fireside Chat” with a former Barack supporter, and some “Thrilling Thursday” posts.


  • Look for an addition to the “Hall of Fame”  in the form of a “Seal of Approval” and, if time permits, a response to last week’s EnergyFLA post that answers questions you’ve sent in.  I’ve had a great response to that so far, so if you want to have your question answered, send it to me at!


  • If there’s any fresh garbage at the DUmp, look for a “DUmmies Exposed” post.  Considering it’s the DUmp, you can be sure they’ll do something post-worthy.


  • Be sure and stop by on Wednesday so you can check out what I’m checking out!  What blog or site will be featured next?  Stop by on Wednesday to find out!


  • IT’S THRILLING THURSDAY EVERYBODY!!  I’ll be back on schedule to post recaps of The Office, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, Fringe, and possibly FlashForward.  I totally forget to record that one last week, so we’ll see if I like it.  Also, I’ll announce the winner of the comment/e-mailing contest and then lay down the details of the next “Thrilling Thursday” contest.


  • I’m going to go ahead and say it’ll probably just be regular scheduled posting, i.e. the daily posts.  If it turns out I’m free Friday, I’ll be sure to post away!


  • Someone’s going to be inducted into the “Plaque of Fail” section of the Hall of Fame, so be sure and stop by with your pitch fork in hand to drive the village idiot into the cave of exile.  Or just read the post.  Whatever works.

Be sure and check out all the exciting things taking place this week at The Conservative Journal!

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