Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen: Week 5 AP Poll Released, Top 25 College Football Teams Update

After a weekend full of surprising games in college football, the AP Poll ranking the top 25 is finally out and it comes with several surprises.

I had a good laugh at the fact that LSU narrowly pulled out a victory over unranked and un-good Mississippi State, but somehow LSU managed to move up the rankings to number 4 overall.  I guess that goes to show that there are only 3 teams (Florida, Texas, Alabama) that are any good this year.

Another notable move on the top 25 was that of Ole Miss.  I started following this team this year after they had all that buzz last year, and I really just think they’re overrated.  And obviously so did the AP pollsters because Ole Miss dropped from #4 to #21 after their pretty big loss to South Carolina on Thursday.

Here’s the full Top 25.  There 1st place votes are in parenthesis, followed by their records, and the move from last week.

1. Florida (55) 4-0, —

2. Texas (1) 4-0, —

3. Alabama (4) 4-0, —

4. LSU 4-0, +3

5. Boise St. 4-0, +3

6. Virginia Tech 3-1, +5

7. Southern Cal 3-1, +5

8. Oklahoma 2-1, +2

9. Ohio St. 3-1, +4

10. Cincinnati 4-0, +4

11. TCU 3-0, +4

12. Houston 3-0, +5

13. Iowa 4-0, previously unranked

14. Oklahoma St. 3-1, +2

15. Penn St. 3-1, -10

16. Oregon 3-1, previously unranked

17. Miami 2-1, -8

18. Georgia 3-1, +3

18. Kansas 4-0, +2

20. BYU 3-1, -1

21. Mississippi 2-1, -17

22. Michigan 4-0, +1

23. Nebraska 3-1, +2

24. California 3-1, -18

25. Georgia Tech 3-1, previously unranked

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One response to “Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen: Week 5 AP Poll Released, Top 25 College Football Teams Update

  1. Jerry Hosey

    Unfortunately, Florida State is unranked lol. Something I hope is corrected soon. I happen to have my own college football poll on my spin off blog at http://jbhsports.wordpress.com Its not the same as other polls and i have a points system so its different. Its interesting though

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