Video of the Day: Alan Grayson Says GOP Health Plan “If You Get Sick, Die Quickly”

What funny farm is this guy from?  I think we have a Rolland Burris-type situation where a guy just walks into the Capitol and says “I think I’ll be in Congress today.”  What electorate, especially one in generally moderate Florida, would chose such a bozo to represent them in Congress?  Watch the video below:

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2 responses to “Video of the Day: Alan Grayson Says GOP Health Plan “If You Get Sick, Die Quickly”

  1. William Lake

    Congressan Grayson has the courage to stand up for the average American on Health Care.

    I speak up for him. The Republicans history has always been for the rich and big bussiness and screw the workers.

    Bush hurt the retired Americans with Medicare reform. Many can not afford their medicine.

    Grayson has spoken for you and all of us

    • Bodybytwins

      I am a voter in Florida’s Congressional district 8th and I am outraged by Congressmen Grayson and deeply embarrassed by him. How we got this guy is because we had a crappy Republican (Ric Keller) who was almost as embarrassing for doing nothing being more a “republican” than a “conservative.” Keller barley won the primary before getting beat by Grayson. The worst part is GOP can not find anyone to run against this maniac! We could be raising money for someone decent to run against him in less than a year but instead Grayson is getting famous, raising money and getting recognition from Obama.

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