New Contest: Win a Free Copy of “Play On” by Carrie Underwood!

My love and support for Carrie Underwood have been quite evident over the past year that I have been blogging.  She was one of the first to be inducted The Conservative Journal Hall of Fame and her songs have been featured many times as the song of the day.  To celebrate my “re”-arrival onto the blogging scene and the release of Carrie’s third album, I will be giving 10 lucky readers a free copy of the CD!  As I stated in my “welcome back me” post, I’ve been extremely busy and unfortunately it’s caused me to be absent from The Conservative Journal for the past month.  To thank those of you that have continued to follow the site even in my absence, I’ll be doing more of these themed giveaways in the future.  Here are the details:

  • For the first time at The Conservative Journal, this contest is open to EVERYONE.  However, Conservative Journal Deluxe Members will be automatically entered and will receive double entries into the drawing for any additional entry method they use.  The full details of how points will work is listed below.  If you aren’t currently a member and would like to join, click here to read the details and become a member now!  It’s free and extremely easy to do.
  • To enter for your chance to win you can do any of the following:
    1. The easiest way to enter is to become a Conservative Journal Deluxe Member.  That grants you automatic entry and not to mention 2 points for each additional entry method rather than 1.
    2. Commenting on any article at The Conservative Journal or sending an e-mail response or submission grants you 1 entry into the drawing.  Anyone may do this, but make sure to use your real e-mail address when commenting or e-mailing so I can contact you in the event that you win.
    3. Tweet about the release of “Play On”.  Let your friends and followers know about Carrie and you will receive 1 entry.  Make sure to put “@TCJournalUpdate” somewhere in your post so I can easily find your entry.
    4. Write a blog post about Carrie Underwood or “Play On” and you will receive 1 entry into the contest.  Make your either put a link to the contest in the blog post or notify me you made the post so I can easily find it.
  • Non-members can earn up to 3 entries using any of the above methods.  Those who are members and receive the daily newsletter (you get it when you c0nfirm your membership e-mail) may receive up to 6 entries using any combination of the above methods.  Remember, members automatically earn 1 entry for being members and will receive 2 entries for each additional entry method.
  • Winners may take their pick of receiving either a digital copy or a hard copy shipped to you directly from Amazon.
  • As far as technicalities, each entry is assigned a number in the database of members for all giveaways.  I will use to generate a random number until 10 unique e-mails of those who participated are chosen.  Those users will be crowned the winners of this giveaway and will be notified through e-mail.  The winners will also be announced on the site one hour after the contest has expired.  As winners confirm the congratulations e-mail, I will mark their names off the list.  If the winners don’t respond to the “congratulations” e-mail and provide shipping addresses (if needed) in 48 hours, I will generate another number and will notify the new winners.  If the new winners don’t claim his/her prize in 48 hours, I will keep the prize and use it in the next giveaway.


Contest: Help promote the release of “Play On” by Carrie Underwood by tweeting or blogging about the CD, or by participating in discussion at The Conservative Journal.
Time Frame: 10/30- 11 PM CST 11/3.  Winners will be posted at Midnight.
Open to: Everyone
Prize: “Play On” by Carrie Underwood

Gook luck and thank you to all who participate!

If you have any questions, please ask!  Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to  Don’t forget to bookmark The Conservative Journal and sign up for the RSS Feed and the daily e-mail newsletter.

Also, Deluxe Membership is now available, click here to join for free and you could win a brand new netbook!

Thanks for reading!


Also, be sure and use the new rating feature, found at the bottom of comments and posts!


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2 responses to “New Contest: Win a Free Copy of “Play On” by Carrie Underwood!

  1. What a cool giveaway. I’ve been anticipating this new release and buying this , and well, even if I don’t win I will still buy it because Carrie Underwood is an amazing talent with a powerhouse voice.
    I tweeted !

  2. I love Carrie Underwood. What a great giveaway.

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