Song of the Day: “Temporary Home” by Carrie Underwood (Review)

EDIT: A full review of Play On is right around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

The second single off of Carrie Underwood’s phenomenal 3rd album, Play On, is this stirring number titled “Temporary Home.”  The song tells the story of 3 individuals, a foster-child, a single mom in a halfway house, and an old man on his death bed, who are experiencing hardship but realize that their current situation is only temporary, and that they will soon be on to something much, much better.  Aside from the beautiful arrangement and vocals, the lyrics are exceptionally touching.  In the final verse, Carrie sings “He looks up and says/I can see God’s face,” a lyric that’s so real it will surely shake some of the winter ice off of the hearts of many.  The song is traditional country in sound, but Carrie takes a lot of chances with this one in that, while it’s similar in topic to the Paisley/Parton collaboration “When I Get Where I’m Going,” the lyrics are straight forward and very powerful.  Listen to the full song below and see what you think.

Check out Carrie’s induction into the TCJ Hall of Fame by clicking here.

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14 responses to “Song of the Day: “Temporary Home” by Carrie Underwood (Review)

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  2. nate

    FINALLY! someone understands this song! many other reviewers have said that it is about homelessness because they do not understand the depth of the song. THANK YOU FOR HAVING A GOOD HEAD ON YOUR SHOULDERS!

    • Thanks for the comment, Nate. I just don’t understand how someone can listen to the song all the way through and not understand the great message behind it. It’s not like the song beats around the bush with the presentation of the message; the final verse makes it all VERY clear. My guess is that reviewers who don’t get the message haven’t finished the song. It’s definitely a song you have to take on in full.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again!


  3. Trish

    Thank you for the review of this very inspirational song. Carrie Underwood has an amazing voice and I absolutely love the song!

  4. Glenn

    So happy that Miss Carrie had the inspiration to write & record “Temporary Home” and has decided to make this amazing song her next single. Miss Underwood has touched many hearts already in her young career and she means so much to so many!!! Her heartfelt message in writing and singing this song will indoubtly touch many more hearts with this one!!!

  5. Ronnie

    Thank you for this review. Temporary Home is such an amazing song & I was completely bewildered when other reviewers said it was about homelessness. They had obviously not listened to it. The last verse so reminded me of my grandpas final moments. He was ready, even happy and said that my grandma was there (she had died 5 years before) waiting for him. The song also is so POSITIVE. Yes, people have trials but it is a persons attitude to those problems that determines their character and these people in Temporary Home won’t allow negativity into their lives. I have been so touched by this song and thank Ms. Underwood for this song & for the inspiration given to Ms. Underwood to write it.

    • You’re welcome Ronnie. I agree, the song is truly amazing and should be an inspiration to many. As I said above, it’s nearly impossible for anyone who listens to the full song not to understand the message.

      Thanks for the great comment, hope to see you again!


  6. Vicki

    I absolutely love this song. When I hear it…the tears just fall at the end. I love Carrie for all she has done to promote goodness in this society. Her Biography was wonderful especially when she said, “If I can get at least one person to realize there is a God and that they need to know Him, then I have done my job”. God Bless Carrie!

  7. Dustin

    Carrie is an absolute inspiration. She is completely down to earth – for I have met her and it seems as though she does not have a mean bone in her body. When I first heard this song, I was extremely saddened because the song is deeply emotional. My favourite line is “I can see God’s face” because I only hope that will happen as I cross over one day. This is not only my favourite song by Miss Carrie, but I would argue my all time favourite. Carrie sometimes has the tendency to “oversing” some songs with her powerful vocal ability – but does it perfectly in this one!

    • I have to say Dustin, I’m jealous that you’ve had the opportunity to meet Ms. Underwood! She has an incredible voice, and her positive attitude and strong Christian values continually impress me as those are so rare in famous people. That line is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful lines in any songs on the radio today. As you said, the vocals and production on “Temporary Home” are brilliant, making this one of my favorite songs from her career, and probably from all of 2009.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment! Hope to see you again.


  8. Brittney

    “Temporary Home” is such an inspirational song. People who don’t understand it… it’s saying that no matter where we live or the hardship we go through, this is our temporary home, and soon we’ll be in the right home in heaven with our father. This gave me so much hope, and so much faith. Carrie shows great wonders in her songs and in her life.

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