The Conservative Journal Family Just Got a Little Bigger

A few weeks ago, I sent out an “SOS” asking anyone who was interested in helping me handle this blog to please come forth, take the virtual blogging pen, and write to their heart’s content.  But with no real incentive, who’s gonna do that?  I still blog here because it’s like a child to me; I grew it from a lowly WordPress blog with one post into a lowly WordPress blog with a lot of posts.  So after I posted that plea, I realized it was probably in vain.  However, to my surprise a couple of interesting responsive.  One went a little too far and wanted me to give them blog, which I wasn’t ready for.  But a few others actually wanted to write and help out, and I can’t thank them enough.  So without further ado, here’s a quick overview of the 3 who will be joining me on this blogging adventure:

Michael: College student by day, Conservative Journal writer by night.

Suzannah: You can call her “Mama Suze.” (Pronounced Sooooze)

Angelica: Don’t mess with her.

More on all 3 of the wonderful people when they give me their bios, but here are some more details on how this will work:

  • We’re not really sure how much or what each will be posting, and it probably won’t be all ironed until 2010.  Until then, they will be giving their opinions when we do reviews and stuff.  That’ll be a good way for everyone to get to know them before they start doing independent posts.
  • As I said above, everything won’t be 100% until early 2010.  Until then, posts will continue to say “posted by: Rick” regardless of who wrote it.  If the author is different there will be a note of that.  When everything is together, Michael, Suzannah, and Angelica will all have their own accounts that they can use to post whatever.

I’m looking forward to what’s ahead, and I hope you’re patient with us as we work all of the details out.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send us an e-mail.

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Thanks for reading!


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