The Top 10 Worst People of the Week: Adam Lambert, Oprah, Jon Gosselin, and CBS

This is something new I’m going to start doing with the help of my new writers.  The title is pretty self-explanatory, we’ll just go through and name the top 10 worst people of the week and a little bit about why.  This post will probably be posted on Saturdays, but seeing as this is Thanksgiving week and I’ll be busy Saturday, we’ll go ahead and do it tonight.

10. CBS- After CBS jumped at the opportunity to book Adam Lambert and be the shelter for the “kicked puppy”, they blurred out the Lamber/Male keyboarder kiss, while not blurring out the Madonna/Britney kiss that was shown in the same slide set.  I’m glad they blurred out the Lambert/Keyboarder kiss, but they should have been consistent and blurred both.  Watch out folks, hypocrisy earns you a spot on my list.

9. Google- Go back in time a week, google image search Michelle Obama.  What pops up?  A monkey.  True story.  Google lands on the list because they removed the photo and the website from their searches.  Don’t get me wrong, I find blatant racial attacks to be despicable and unwarranted in today’s society, but come on Google.  There are MILLIONS of offensive images on the internet, why try and play police with this one?  That image has been circulated to millions of American’s by now, and this all making much ado about nothing.  Everyone needs to quit being so dang sensitive.

8. Oprah Winfrey- Oprah started off great by announcing she was ending her tv show……… then she continued by saying it wouldn’t be over until 2011.  Geez Oprah, you got me all excited.

7. “President or Jihad” Billboard guy- Come on man, have some sense!  Sure I’d love for B.O. to show us the birth certificate, but really?  I’m not a member of the “AHH! HATE CRIME” group, I just think it’s ignorant.  I must say, it gave me a HUGE laugh when I first saw it though.  For those who missed this story, read it here.

6. Climatologists dismissing the e-mails- No one can take responsibility for their actions anymore.  3 of the climatologists who were a part of the global warming e-mail scandal last week came out today saying that it was nothing but a smear campaign.  When did “smear campaign” become the word of choice when trying to dodge a sticky situation?

5. Perez Hilton- The fact that I can’t stand him aside, Perez really aggravated me on the AMA’s.  They gave him 10 seconds of screen time and he used it to say “I caught up with Derek Hough….. in the bathroom”.  Perez has a chronic case of pedestalitus; he can say whatever he wants, but the second anyone else steps up, cue the tears and Vlog.

4. Jon Gosselin- He’s just a bully.  His latest episode includes being a bully to his twins for preferring their mom over him.  The two twins said they enjoyed being with their mom more, so Jon through them inside and wouldn’t let the poor girls sell lemonade.  I think he’s just bitter that his 15 minutes are officially ovahhhh.

3. WikiLeaks- I’ve never heard of this website until today, but apparently they’ve discovered thousands of 9/11 texts and have released them to the internet.  Why stir up memories with these messages, some of which were extremely personal and heartbreaking?

2. Keith Olbermann- Uhhhh…. He’s just annoying.

1. Adam Lambert- I’ve never seen anyone more desperate for publicity in my life.  I could tolerate him on Idol, but he took it too far at the AMA’s and continues to take it too far as he does interviews throughout the week.  Adam, you may not be “a babysitter”, but that doesn’t mean it’s fair game for you to force simulated oral sex on some back-up dancer in front of 15 million people.  You may think the the world is carrying out one big hate crime and discriminating against you, but I was just as appalled when Britney kissed Madonna.  Save it for pay-per-view, not a show with a rating of TV-14.

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