TCJ Research 10/19-10/20 Poll: Christine O’Donnell Inches Closer to Chris Coons in Delaware Senate Race

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Each poll uses a random sampling of 1000 Likely Voters (unless otherwise stated) and has a +/- 4% margin of error (M.o.E).  Poll that don’t add up to 100 are due to rounding.  Commentary on the following results will be posted in a follow-up post.

Delaware Senate: 51%- (D)Chris Coons, 44%- (R)Christine O’Donnell, 4%- Undecided, 1%- Other

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10 responses to “TCJ Research 10/19-10/20 Poll: Christine O’Donnell Inches Closer to Chris Coons in Delaware Senate Race

  1. Thomas Eudy

    The issues are starting to make difference for Christine. She is near sinergy.
    If she can pull within 5 points, the money dam will break for her. Thanks.

  2. The fact that in DELAWARE someone with O’Donnel’s credentials is even within 20 points of someone like Coons really says something about the political strife / divide in this country.

    • RoBoTech

      Josh, did you ever think that O Donnell’s lack of experience is the REASON she is competition?
      We are tired of professional politicians. The desire to make personal power and wealth does not mix with the will of the people you represent.
      Besides, after two years of the Socialist Obama and four years of a Progressive Congress, Conservatism is looking mighty good about now.

  3. anonymous

    So I’m just curious about the science on this. It says random but do you poll them on their party affiliation or other issue breakdowns? Are polls done over the phone or online and do you consider this “scientific polling”? I LOVE O’Donnell so don’t misunderstand but I need to know if this is something I can be excited about or not.

  4. dan cucich

    It’s encouraging; let’s hope it’s accurate.
    The irony is if it were not for that ill advised “I am not a witch” ad, which sent her down from 9 to 18 points overnight, she would easily be with the margin of error right now. And if the GOP had supported her enthusiastically immediately after she won the primary, who Knows? makes me wonder if someone in her campaign knew the predictable result of that ad, and tired to sabotage her.

    But, no time to cry over spilled milk. Let’s work for her
    and hold the party bosses feet to the fire, to support her.

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  7. dan cucich

    She is one point closer than in the previous,
    but, unfortunately Coons was at 50% then and is 51% now.

    That means she has got to get some votes away from Coons-pronto!

    She needs Sarah Palin to come to Delaware right away!-not next week.

    You don’t get voters to switch over night with one
    endorsement or ad…

  8. Reda StCyr

    Reading the few responses makes me wonder what n the hell is on the minds of people who would support this woman WTF

  9. dan cucich

    What is on the minds of people who support this woman?
    What an arrogant and condescending question!

    They are tired of hateful little atheists
    like bill maher ridiculing the Christian faith
    and saying American voters are dumber than dogs;
    They are tired of shrews like joy behar calling a Christian lady like Sharon Angle a B—ch;
    They are tired of a government that is forcing them by mandate to buy Health insurance that costs
    $3,000 dollars per year whether they want it or can afford it; They are tired of scornful late night liberal “comedians” on SNL making obscene sexual jokes about a young lady who talked to some teens on MTV about celibacy as though there was something wrong with her; they are sick of a government that gives away trillions to wealthy banks to start making loans again to “stimulate” the economy-only to watch them reward their CEO’s with obscene bonuses and squirrel the rest of the money away-and not make any loans;
    I could go on but I doubt you would understand.

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