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Welcome to The Conservative Journal!  Here you can find the latest news in politics (and just about anything else), with our own thoughts about the issues, plus many recurring segments that are meant for entertainment and enlightenment.  Often times things posted here are all in good fun, and should be treated as such.  People without a sense of humor are advised to seek out another website.  We encourage readers from both sides to visit the site, vote in polls, write comments, and send us e-mails.  To send us an e-mail, go to the “Contact Us” page.  Be sure to read to entire page to see how something you send can be selected for our “Reader’s Comments section.  But most of all, enjoy!  Tell your friends about us, whether you agree with what we say or not.  The only way to have a real discussion of the issues is to hear from both sides.  Thanks for visiting!

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As stated in the “Contact Us” section, we will not post anything unless it is specified in your e-mail that you do not mind it being posted.  We will never post your e-mail address, name, or other personal information.  Nor will we ever under any circumstances give out your information.


Everyone is welcome to comment anywhere the comment box is available.  When posting, please remember that the person you are talking to is a human.  Be respectful.  We actually encourage you to debate the issues and will never delete a comment based on the views expressed in the comment.  However, there is a line between reasonable and unecessary, if you cross it we will more than likely delete your post.  We hate to have to do this, but sometimes it’s necessary to keep order.  Also, please don’t get too vurgal with your language, that also warrants a deleted comment.

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We here at The Conservative Journal love to take your questions and read your e-mails, whether they are postitive or negative.  If you don’t want your e-mail to be posted on the site in a mail bag post or any other post, you must say that somewhere in your e-mail.  E-mails with no disclaimer saying you don’t want them posted will be considered fair game.  If, however, your e-mail is posted and you want it removed, all you have to do is let me know and I will remove it with no questions!  Any e-mail of any kind will get a reply from us, though.  We believe that if you have taken the time to read our posts, we can take the time to reply.  We appreciate all those getting involved.


When sharing our articles, please link back to the site, or give us the credit.  We take the time to right the articles and all we ask of you is to link the article back to us, or give us credit.  Thanks!