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Video of the Day: More Fun Gaffe’s Courtesy of Barack

Oh man, I just love when Barack treats us to some great humor!  It is a recession you know, so this free entertainment is much appreciated.  The latest little gaffe is a really doozy.  I like how he exerts zero effort in trying to cover it.  That either shows that he doesn’t care at all, or he had no idea what he was talking about at the time.  Either one is very upsetting.  Watch the gaffe below:

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Goodbye Arlen.

I know this is “No Politics Tuesday”, but it would just be disrespectful to ole Arlen to not bid him farewell.

Dear Arlen,

Don’t feel bad for switching over to the dark side.  We have no use for you here.  I’d much rather you be happy with the Dems and vote for pork and such than be infuriating us here on the right.  Next time a stimulus comes up for a vote (it’s about time for a new, don’t you think?), you can guiltlessly vote away!  We will not miss you any more than you will miss us.  Hope the weather’s nice on the left!

Thanks again for leaving,


P.S. While you’re packing up your cubicle at the Republican Headquarters, could you please encourage Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe to follow you out the door?  That’d be great.

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TCJ Honorary Plaque of Fail: Barack Obama and Gang

Dear Barack and Posse,

The city of New York and the entire United States ask that you please refrain from joy riding around in Air Force One at only hundreds of feet of above the ground.  We realize that we didn’t have any pictures of you in flying past The Statue of Liberty or Trump Towers, but please.  At least tie a banner to the back of the plan that says, “GOOD MORNING NEW YORK!  IT’S B.O. UP IN THIS PLANE”, or something to that effect.  We’ve even included a reference for you for the next time you want to take scenic shots of Manhattan:

Barack, we expect to see this next time.  Thank you.

Barack, we expect to see this next time. Thank you.

Anything less than that will be a disappointment.


The United States, excluding Frank-Pelosi-Reid.

For Barack and crew’s display of ignorance we award them with the “Honorary Plaque of Fail”, which even includes a place in the Hall of Fame!  This award is extra ironic because Barack was the first recipient of the “TCJ Seal of Approval” back when he took out those pirates in an efficient manner.  Well, in accordance to the law of gravity, what comes up must come down, and Barack’s status as upstanding member of society did just (Intentional exaggeration.  Don’t e-mail me about it.) that when he approved the flight of the Boeing 747 that flew low through the skies of Manhattan just so the White House Gift Shop could update its Statue of Liberty post card section.  The trip not only horrified many New Yorkers, but it cost (and wasted) millions of tax payer dollars.  And while “millions” of dollars is nothing in the grand scheme of the government budget, it’s the principal of the matter.  And for that, Barack and the gang, we tip our DUNCE caps to you.

What do you think of the flight through Manhattan?  Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to!

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TCJ Honorary Plaque of Fail: Recognizing the Excellent Failures That Color Our Lives

Because the world is full of interesting failures, we must have an award to honor those that exhibit exceptional fails.  These fails won’t be your typical fails that you see all over the internet, nor the fabricated variety you can find all over the interweb; but fails that occur in the lives of our finest: politicians, celebrities, etc.  Check back in a few minutes to see who kicks off our “Honorary Plaque of Fail” award!

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Video of the Day: Shep, Calm Down!

Come on Shep, let’s be reasonable.  There is no reason to be dropping the f-bomb, even if you do feel passionately about America not torturing anyone.  The clip is quite interesting, and, though I’ve only watched his show a few times, I never would have expected this from him.  Watch the clip below let us all know what you think!

EDIT: This occured on The Strategy Room, which is Fox News’ new show that can be streamed from their website.  So this didn’t occur on his show or other tv broadcast.  Thanks punditpawn for clearing that up.

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Video of the Day: I’m Breaking The Rules, I Know

I know it’s “No Politics Tuesday” and all, but I just have to post this.  I’m sure at this point everyone has seen, it but for those that are a bit slow, here is the clip of David Buckner passing out on The Glenn Beck Program yesterday.  I have to say that watching that happen live was a quite a shock.

And yes everyone, Professor Buckner is okay, that’s only reason why it’s ok to post this.

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Video of the Day: Barack’s Got Some Skills!

I found this video on YouTube and felt it was very much worthy of being the Video of the Day.

This guy immitating Barack does a great job.  What do you think?  Leave your comments below or send us an e-mail at if you have a good video for the Video of the Day segment!
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Video of the Day: Awwwwkward

I saw this at Pundit Pawn, so I decided to bring it over here.  This further substantiates the fact that the Chosen One doesn’t actually form his own opinion, or know how to think for himself.  Watch what happens after a slight malfunction from his little buddy (teleprompter).


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Suspect #3: Al Gore

Al Gore reminding everyone he invented this internet.

Al Gore reminding everyone he invented this internet.

Al Gore is liberal enough to want the the Golden Boy to exist blemish-free, but he doesn’t have as much of a relationship with Barack as some of the other suspects.  Still, his liberalness could very well have been a motive behind changing the entry.  Look at the data below and decide for youself:

The Evidence:

Al is a tech savvy guy.  He’s got to know how to adjust his solar panels that he doesn’t really have to just the right wattage output to run his trillion square-foot Tennessee home.  So that in itself gives him the immediate upper-hand when compared to Pelosi and Frank.  Also, Al is used to having to swoop in and edit something online in order to save face.  Just look at all those times his global warming numbers were proven false; he quickly pulled a ‘select all’,  ‘delete’, ‘paste’ numerous times and had his global warming bull crap numbers changed to another set that we could all try and disprove.  Also worth noting, Al Gore invented the internet.


Al doesn’t have as close ties with B.O. as most suspects.  Though they have similar political stances, they aren’t as close of friends and their paths don’t meet quite as much.  Also, Al is no doubt still bitter that his presidential prospects were cut short in 2000, and probably views Barack like the rest of us (an uninformed little punk) regardless of political view similarity.

Al Gore could be the dark horse in the race to find the conspirator of WikiGate.  He is not really a suspect in most people’s eyes, which could be one of the reasons he felt safe committing the act.  Don’t forget to check-in in the next few days to vote for who you think is behind this scandal.

Thanks for participating!


**If this makes no sense to you, read the original article about the WikiGate conspiracy by clicking here.


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WikiGate: Who Did It?!

Barack taking a peak outisde of WikiWorld

Barack taking a peak outisde of WikiWorld

Ahh, Wikipedia.  The source of knowledge for the common man.  A place where all walks of life can gather to read information with no factual backing whatsoever.  But it’s ok because everyone uses it, so we’re all wrong together.  UNTIL NOW.  Apparently, someone close to Big O (or perhaps O himself) realized that Wikipedia is not in fact a real encyclopedia, but rather users edit and submit content to the site.   And as they were browsing Barack’s page to see if he truly is a U.S. citizen, they discovered something blasphemous: a scandalous entry hidden in the section regarding Barack’s “Personal Life”.  Under the heading, three paragraphs down was the defamatory sentence:

Barack Obama attended Trinity United Chruch of Christ, led by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Gadzooks!  However shocking that may be to you, the sentence that follows is even more shocking:

Some right-wing fringe groups even believe that Mr. Obama was associated with esteemed professor, William Ayers.

The fact the author of that Wikipedia post called Ayers “esteemed” and claimed only “fringe groups” believed that aside, can you believe someone had the nerve to post these truthful degrading statements about the messiah??  Didn’t they get the memo that the teflon-pan-man is not allowed to have anything negative about him in the public eye??  Well, never fear America, some unknown saint swooped in and saved the day by deleted both of the slanderous statements, leaving Hussein’s Wikipedia without a single blemish.  But who, America, could it have been that saved the country from iminent demise by replacing the buffet of truth with a big ole glass of the Kool-Aid?  That is why I’m here, to divulge into the bowels (hehe) of the internet and find the great and mighty one; the one that picked the sliver peice of burnt cheese off of the pristine cookware; the one that pressure washed the turd off of the brick patio;  the one that saved the day.

The Suspects

We entered the bowels of the internet and have made our way into the small intestine.  Our team of researchers has uncovered clues that have provided us with evidence pointing to 5 suspects at this point.  Some are expected, some are virtual unknowns.  In the end, only one will be named the conspiratory of WikiGate.

Every night, sometime between the hourse of 6 and 9 PM Central Standard Time, one suspect will be released.  You will be given all the details on the suspect.  Once you have been presented the evidence, a special poll will be held to see who America thinks is the mastermind of WikiGate, which I would call the biggest scandal of all time.

Hope everyone is ready, it’s going to ground-breaking.

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The Saga of Princess Pelosi the Magnificent

Princess Pelosi runs the show, and for some I reason I have a problem with that.

Princess Pelosi runs the show, and for some I reason I have a problem with that.

Anyone that thinks we lost the royal family with the Declaration of Independence is sadly mistaken.  Princess Nancy Patricia D’Alsendro Pelosi (No, I did not make that up) is reigning emperess of these fine United States, and no one’s going to convince her otherwise.

The latest chapter in her multi-part, made-for-tv drama consists of Princess P being an air plane hog and demanding that military jets are at her disposal at all times.  In fact, she and her team of nitwits are sure to book a military plane, at the taxpayers expense no less, every weekend in case P gets the urge to go shopping on 5th Avenue across the country in New York, or in case she gets really bored at one of those stupid congress sessions and wants to make a bee line for the vineyard/San Fransisco estate/Magic fairy princess castle.  Now, of course, her preferred mode of transportation is enchanted unicorn, but a private military jet that she travels on free of charge will do just fine (I hear B.O. has the unicorn reserved so he can travel more efficiently when ruining our foreign relations.  I wonder what kind of fuel economy a unicorn gets?).  Also, an official at the Defense Department said that Pelosi often cancels flights the day of the scheduled flight; far too late for anyone to take the scheduled flight instead and wasting millions of our dollars in flight prep work.  Think of all the money we’d save if Mystical Sea Hag Pelosi just flew commercial!

The E-mails…



Subject: i need a air plane pleze.

Message: hi barak!!  its princess nancy pelosi and i have suuuuuper special request.  i like need a air plane every weekend of my life.  i don’t wanna fly on those stinky regular planes, the bathrooms smell like one of those nasty city buses.  i need a air plane that smells like my britney spears perfume.  so if u could preeeetty pleze tell that guy in charge of those really neato army planes that i need 1 i would really be happy and probably even show up 4 the next congress session thingy.  so lemme no very very very soon pleze and i might make you a night in a shiny army and your wife (melissa?) can be a princess that you can save too.

your bff,

princess pelosi



Subject: Re: i need a air plane pleze.

Message:  what up Naaancy!  i’s just gone tell ya that my boi over at the army’s gone hook ya up with a real nice ride.  you set for however long you need it!  if you don’t need it just let him no whenever, i think he voted for mccain so i don’t mine making him wate.  hope its all good!

ya boi,

barry o.

Alright, alright, these are obviously not the real e-mails (all errors are intentional), but they are what I imagined they said before looking at the real e-mails.  These are all in good fun; if you take offense by them please don’t let me know. 🙂

For the real e-mails and other documents, click here.

Bottom Line…

Nancy Pelsoi is one of the richest members of Congress, yet she won’t pay for her own personal flights, and requires a private military jet every time she travels.  She is an arrogant, elitist snob that has no clue what normal life is like in America.  When people with a skewed view of society are in power they can’t make decisions that are meant to benefit the common-folk.  I’m not saying we should shun Princess P for her financial success, but her “I run this joint” attitude proves she’s not capable of seeing the world from an everyday American’s perspective.  Unless she sees herself through our eyes, she will never hang up the tiara and  do what’s best for America.

What do you think about Princess Pelosi’s masquerading around on jets we fund for her own personal enjoyment?  Do you find her quite as vomit-inducing as I do?  Post your comments below or send us an e-mail at  Remember, your e-mail may be featured on the site!  Also, don’t forget to subsribe to The Conservative Journal RSS feed or e-mail subscriptions by clicking the links at the top of the sidebar under the ‘Subscriptions’ heading.

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Vote about Nancy in this poll!  Also, show off your creativity by typing your very own Pelosi diss on the “Other” line.  The funniest disses will be posted on the site, where you can then claim the diss and go down in our “Hall of Fame”!


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Megan McCain Disses Ann Coulter

I have a feeling I know who'd win this rumble.

I have a feeling I know who'd win this rumble.

John McCain’s daughter Megan spoke against the wonderful Ann Coulter calling her “offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing all at the same time”.  She also said that extremist like Ann were turning her off from the GOP, so they must be turning off more than just her.  She then said that she only appeals to radical conservatives, who she claims are dying off.  I’m sorry, but I thought the hard-core conservatives were having a comeback?  Maybe Megan doesn’t agree.  She’s a lovely young lady, but I imagine things like this are the reason she can’t get a date.  I think Megan needs to understand that every group has that iconic figurehead that’s “on the fringe”.  It’s just the way it goes, and there is no point wasting air complaining about it.  That point aside, why complain about Ann Coulter?  I mean, the girl’s got skills.  She can debate with the best of ’em and she’s brilliant.  I can think of several so-called “radical figureheads” to complain about other than Ann.  Sean Hannity, anyone?  And as for her comments that Ann Coulter is turning people  away from the party?  I find zero truth in that, but let’s juts say if it is true, the liberal nuts such as Keith Olbermann and everyone at the Daily Kos must be turning would-be liberals away in droves.  I think we would actually benefit from more people like Ann Coulter that say what they mean and mean what they say.  There’s no point in watering anything down, and what you hear from Coulter is about as strong and bold as you can get it.  More power to you Ann!  And for Megan:  Don’t take yourself too seriously, that’s America’s downfall.

What do you think of Megan’s comments?  Agree or Disagree?  Leave your comments below or e-mail us at and your comments may appear on the site!  And don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed or e-mail updates under the subscriptions section on the right column!

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Glenn Beck ROASTS a Communist on Live TV!

Dont mess with Glenn.  Especially if youre an uninformed Commie.

Don't mess with Glenn. Especially if you're an uninformed Commie.

Today I was watching my favorite news show, The Glenn Beck Program, when he announced that the chairmen of the Communist Pary USA would be on the show.  When I first heard this I was a little confused as to why a member of the Communist Party USA deserved an interview spot, but as soon as the interview began I knew exactly what was going down.  For those that didn’t already realize the ludacricy of the Communist Party, the interviewee cleared the water indefinitely.  The man, Sam Webb, came across as a complete whack job during the interview and probably scared off a few interested Comrade Converts.  When Glenn asked him to name one successful communist nation, he stumbled a bit and never answered the question.  Instead, he said that communist nations never killed thousands of people?  What?  Is this a joke?  No, unfortunately this dude is sincere.  He then tells Glenn that Hitler was the result of a capitalist nation, resulting in Glenn’s funny quip about Mr. Webb’s obvious use of Wikipedia.  Of course, most know that the Nazis were Socialist/Nationalists.  Watch the entire knee-slapper of an interview below.

Watch the interview here. (Sorry, I couldn’t get the clip to embed on the page.  It’s definitely worth the click though.)

What do you think about all this?  How absurd does this man come across to you?  Let your voice be heard by posting a comment below.  Thanks for reading!



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Global Warming: Dang, You Fooled Us

The heat is coming, just wait until June!

The heat is coming, just wait until June!

The global warming epidemic that is apparently going to cause our demise very shortly, unless we learn to harness the air as a fuel source of course, has apparently been on a hiatus the past few weeks as record cold has settled in across the enitre nation, as well as overseas.  The state of Kentucky is virtually shut down due to the extreme weather that has pounded on the state for days now.  Just two months ago, southern Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas experienced up to 8 inches of snow.  (Looks like to me the only “global warming” is occurring in the Oval Office).  Sound a little strange to you that while the liberal/eco-junkie population are preaching of imenant environmental meltdown the country is experiencing one of it’s coldest years on record?  It should, and you aren’t alone.  But of course with the rush of frigid air comes the wave of ridiculous claims by the left.  These range from, “Duh, we said it was going to get colder first” too “It’s the kids’ fault!”, all of which make no sense.  The very principal that people have the power to control one of the powerful things in the world, the environment, is ridiculous, but that’s another story for another day.

So what do you think of all this?  What do you expect the next excuse for the cold weather will be?  How much longer can Al Gore act oblivious to the cold weather?  Leave a comment below or send an e-mail to and it may featured on the site!

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McCain’s SNL Appearance

I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I thought it was great.  I was also extremely suprised they would put him on the show this close to the election instead of Obama.  I mean I know they weren’t like promoting him, but any coverage at the end of the election is beneficial in my eyes.  He seemed really comfortable on the show and worked very well with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.  He poked fun at his maverick image (saying he may resort to the “reverse maverick” or possibly even the “double maverick” if he current strategy fails.).  Tina Fey said she was “going rogue” by selling “Palin 2012” shirts secretly during the segment.  The general premise was that the McCain campaign could only afford airtime on QVC, so they sold McCain themed collectables throughout the segment.  I give the clips 5 stars.  They are totally worth a watch!


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