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The Chosen One Will Triumph In 2012 Against Sarah Palin

Could 2012 be the year of Paul?

Could 2012 be the year of Paul?

Or at least, that’s what the latest poll says.  How those things can predict 4 years in the future is beyond me.  But anyway, the poll shows that Barack Obama would trounce Sarah Palin in 2012 with 55% of the popular vote compared to Palin’s 35%, results that compare to Nixon’s 1972 blowout against George McGovern.  I guess the remaining 10% go to a third party candidate; could 2012 be the start of a 3 party system??  Seriously though, if I thought there was any accuracy in these numbers I’d be very concerned considering Palin is a very popular figure among Republicans.  Plus, the notion that a moderate dude like John McCain could pull in so many more votes than a true conservative is rather alarming.  However, rest easy fellow conservatives and those not aboard the Obama Train; I don’t think 2012 will look anything like this.

First of all,  that’s a long way off.  Golden Boy has just started his reign and many people are still being fed the Kool-Aid through a funnel.  Though I can’t predict the future, the way things are going I don’t see his first term ending on a high note.  I could be wrong, but we’re predicting the future here; there’s room for error.  Anyway, say that his term doesn’t go well, naturally Palin would have a much better shot.  However, if the term is a flop, I believe we will see a completely different crop of candidates come primary time.  This will make it harder for everyone, and she could end up without the nomination.  Someone like Romney could easily step in and take the spot; he did win in the CPAC poll.  This won’t necessarily end her presidential prospects, though.  She’s young and could easily try again in the future.

But then there’s the other scenario:  The term is a success.  If his first term goes well and most of his promises are fulfilled, he will be re-elected with no problem.  In this case, I think that we will see several little-known conservatives make their debut on the national scene.  In the event Obama does well, 2012 could be a big year for, say, Ron Paul to go for the nomination.  Do I think he has any chance of winning?  Negative.  Do I think he has any chance of securing the nomination in 2012?  If Obama does well, absolutely.  Of course this is all dependent on whether or not he chooses to seriously go for it.  I know the prospect of Ron Paul being the nominee in 2012 may sound a bit out there to some, but I’m being serious.  No serious candidate is going to contest Barack Obama after a successful first term.  That would be a waste of his or her resources.

So what do you think about the poll?  Will it’s results prove to be accurate in 2012?  Leave your comments below or send us an e-mail at!  Also, you can vote in today’s “Poll of the Day” on this matter by clicking here.

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The Blame Game: Inside the Many False Claims About Sarah Palin


Shes still our favorite maverick!

She's still our favorite maverick!

Obviously the people on the McCain campaign are upset.  I’m upset.  A lot of people are upset.  But the anonymouse complaints about her are simply ridiculous.  First off, when you announce things anonymously, the statements automatically lose some credibility, especially after the campaign is over.  Secondly, what they are claiming is outrageous.  Here is what is being claimed, in short:

  1. She answered her hotel room door in a towel.
  2. She didn’t South Africa was a country.
  3. She didn’t know the countries that participate in NAFTA.
  4. She often “went rogue” on the campaign staff and ignored their requests.
  5. And that she often threw temper tantrums when things got difficult.

Sarah Palin has since spoken on the matters, which was a good move on her part.  She didn’t just do the political norm and skirt the issue either, she full-out confronted it.  She took each individual issue and gave what really happened.  She said the towel story was an out-right lie.  She then said the only time NAFTA or South Africa ever came up was in debate prep, and that she knew who participated in NAFTA and what South Africa was.  (I’ve come to the conclusion that in debate prep, something about South Africa came up and Sarah probably asked if they were referring to the southern portion of Africa, or South Africa.  Then the anonymous source stretched it to what it is today.)  Then she covered the “going rogue” remarks.  Let me start off by saying, if I was Sarah Palin I would have gone rogue too.  Their handling of her was terrible.  But anyway, she said that that may have come from her disagreeing with the campaign’s decision to pull out of Michigan, but she says she never directly went against the will of the campagin.  Lastly, common sense shows that she more than likely never threw big hissy fits.  The woman’s been in a high position before, she can deal with stress.  Plus, up until these claims came out, everything we’ve heard about her attitude on the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive.  There have been zero reports (before the anonymous source) of her ever getting upset or over stressed when dealing with a lot.

I think all this amounts to is just the casting of blame.  They lost the election and want to shift the focus from their attempts to someone else, but the sad thing is, it’s not going to work.  The people love Sarah Palin.  I think she will be around for many years to come.

Also, just a side note, she was cleared from any wrong-doing in the Troopergate Probe.  Looks like she is still a maverick after all!

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Video of the Day: Man Arrested Because of McCain/Palin T-shirt

This is almost funny.  The guy was not doing anything wrong at all, and he is approached by officers that ask him to leave the area.  The official police report claims he was displaying disorderly conduct and public drunkeness.  Bystanders, however, have a different story.  They say the man was asked to leave because of his shirt, and when he said he didn’t want to cause any trouble they man-handled and forced him into the police car.  I know it won’t happen, but every one of those officers needs to go.

Here’s the video:

What do you think?  Comment or send us an e-mail.  Remember, your e-mails could be featured on the site!

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Breaking News: Early Exit Polling Is In!

I hate to get too excited, but things are looking good for us right now.  The latest exit polling numbers are in and while most show Obama leading, you will be thrilled by the small margin.  Especially since it is a known fact that exit polls ALWAYS favor the democrats.  Right now we’re showing Obama with only 4-point lead in Pennsylvania, 2 points in Virginia, 1 point in Florida and Ohio, and McCain is actually 2 points ahead in North Carolina.  If the trend holds like it was in 2004 when the exit polls showed Kerry up by a good margin then the McCain victory we dream of may very well become a reality.  Everyone needs to get out and vote though!  There is still time in most states!  I’ll be back every few minutes to update everone.  All we can do is pray and hope for the best!


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Election Eve: My Final Prediction

I can’t believe the time is come.  Tomorrow is the day that all of this anxiousness and uncertainty comes to a screeching hault, and I am either going to be the happiest I’ve been about a president in a long time, or the most upset I’ve ever been about a president.  Ever.  But that aside, here is my final prediction for how the Electoral College will go:


While a bunch of my liberal friends would call this scenario “ridiculous”,  I think it’s certainly do-able.  I even think McCain could see a resurgence in Colorado if things break his way.  Hopefully I’m not too far off in my estimates, it’s only a matter of time.  Get out and vote!  McCain/Palin 2008!


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Things Are Looking Up!

I’ve thought McCain was going to win since he picked Sarah Palin as his V.P.  And while I would be lying if I said I didn’t have my doubts at some points between then and now, I have been confident the American people would deliver.  Let’s take a look at what’s going McCain’s way in the closing days:

The latest solid voter findings are in, and they look good for McCain.  American’s living in Israel voted and McCain won in a landslide; 76% to 24%!  Now I know this is not a huge amount of voters, but the obvious benefit is that the American Jewish population will love this if they do see it (they’ll have to watch FOX, no one else is going to report this much), and they make up a decent portion of voters in Florida, which is a key state.  But the more subtle benefits are even greater:  46% of registered democrats living in Israel say they voted for McCain, while only 2% of registered conservatives voted for Obama.  If this trend holds true on Tuesday, we could see McCain take this election by a larger margin than anyone would have predicted.

Barack is campaigning in Iowa.  This is substantial because the latest polls are giving him a double digit lead.  Now obviously his internal polls are showing something different, because common sense would say that if you are leading by double digits why on earth would you spend time in a state 2 days before an election?  On top of that, the McCain campaign has said that its a “dead tie” in Iowa.

Pennsylvania.  The latest, most reliable public polls are showing a mere 4 point lead for Barack.  This coming after he had double digit leads as recently as a week ago, according to those same polls.  I can’t imagine what the internal polls are now saying for this one.  I standby the statement I made a week or two ago that McCain will win Pennsylvania.

The latest Zogby poll actually puts McCain AHEAD by 1 point.  I know that a one point lead is not much, but it’s something.  It just shows that McCain is truly gaining ground nationally.  Especially considering that same poll has had Obama ahead by double digits in the past two weeks.

These are just a few of the highlights of the last few days.  Hopefully this trend will continue and I’ll have some more things to be happy about real soon!


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McCain’s SNL Appearance

I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I thought it was great.  I was also extremely suprised they would put him on the show this close to the election instead of Obama.  I mean I know they weren’t like promoting him, but any coverage at the end of the election is beneficial in my eyes.  He seemed really comfortable on the show and worked very well with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.  He poked fun at his maverick image (saying he may resort to the “reverse maverick” or possibly even the “double maverick” if he current strategy fails.).  Tina Fey said she was “going rogue” by selling “Palin 2012” shirts secretly during the segment.  The general premise was that the McCain campaign could only afford airtime on QVC, so they sold McCain themed collectables throughout the segment.  I give the clips 5 stars.  They are totally worth a watch!


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Joe the Plumber Out Campaigning with Palin

I guess he’s decided who he is endorsing, although I never really baught into his “I’m still undecided” nonsense.  Joe the Plumber was out campaigning with Sarah Palin when she brought up the issue of taxes.  She introduced as “someone who really gets it when it comes to this issue”, and he emerged on stage with much excitement and cheering.  I think Joe the Plumber is at the base of this last minute momentum change in the polls.  McCain has surged forward, only down 3 points to Obama in the latest Rasmussen poll.  And no matter what the crazy liberal media says and regardless of whether or not he holds an actual plumbers license, the point he is making is huge:  Obama’s tax plan is, simply put, socialist.  I know this is been said for a while, but the majority of voters really don’t know what that means.  A friend of mine the other day definied socialism as: “A form of government where everyone is friendly and communicates well with eachother.” (not even kidding).  So basically, I think Joe the Plumber (with the help of Barack Obama saying the “spread the wealth” line) has brought down to the average American’s level.  I think we will look back on this election and say Joe the Plumber was a defining moment.

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