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Saxby Chambliss Off to a Nice Start!

The Georgia runoff between Saxby Chambliss and his democrat challenger Jim Martin in his senate race.  No one’s called a winner yet, but Saxby has a pretty large lead over Martin right now, so things are looking good.  I’ll update as I get more information as the night progresses.  Now, all we need is Norm Coleman to win in Minnesota, where he is currently ahead of nut-job Al Franken by a few hundred votes.  Ultimately, I expect both Republicans to win these races.

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To the Liberals: Hillary Might Have to Wait a Little Longer

Try, try and try again.  But after the 3rd time give it up.

Try, try and try again. But after the 3rd time give it up.

Oh goodness, Hillary’s journey to the White House is something straight out of some cruel political joke.  She refused to admit defeat when clearly it was over, she tried as hard as she could and still got nowhere.  And now, when a place on the White House staff is so close she can touch it, it is yanked away faster than you can say “6 More Years in the Senate”.  Apparently, some clause is in the Constitution states that if the pay is raised on a cabinet position while an elected congressman is serving, they are ineligible for that position.  Well looky here, George raised the pay for Secretary of State back in January.  Hillary was a senator in January.  Here lies the problem.  So, unless Barack pulls a Nixon (“Pulling a Nixon” is never something you want to do), and lowers the pay to make her eligible, looks like Hillary will have to scurry right back into the Senate until next time.  Obviously, it’s just not meant to be.

I’ll be interested to see how this all plays out.  I’m mostly interested to see whether or not they abide by the constitution.  Most of the liberaloids don’t think the constitution is relevant to modern life, so I would not be surprised if they just ignored it.  If that’s the case, I’ll go as far as to say Barack better make sure he’s got an available senate seat come 2012, because blatantly going against the CONSTITUTION is not going to seat well anyone less liberal than Michael Moore.

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The Minnesota Senate Race Mess

Norm Coleman, Republican Incumbent

Norm Coleman, Republican Incumbent

      Al Franken, Democratic Comedian

Al Franken, Democratic Comedian

Just like Florida in 2000, the state of Minnesota is gearing up for a recount.  Not for the presidential election, but rather its U.S. Senate Race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken.  Right now the margin is a mere 206 votes in favor of Coleman, who is the incumbent Republican senator.  They are now recounting the ballouts to ensure their accuracy.

This is going to be a huge mess, I can just see it now.  I’m sure there will be lawsuits, and both parties will scream “fraud!”.  We can only hope that Coleman turns up the winner, because we Republicans certainly don’t want to lose a senate seat to that nut job Franken.  I am personally very surprised this race is even close.  I can’t imagine how people justify voting for someone who would no doubt take his job in the senate as a joke.  He’s said before that if elected, his first action in senate would be to push for a “quickie impeachment” of Bush before his term ended.  I realize some people don’t like Bush and that he could never do that, but that’s just nonsense.  Imagine if a republican senator said he would push for a “quickie impeachment” of Obama after he is inaugarated.  There would be mass chaos, riots, and all kinds of horrible things.

So what do you think?  It’s time to voice your opinion in our poll:

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Getting to Know the Administration: Senior Advisor in the White House David Axelrod

David Axelrod, Chief Advisor in the White House

David Axelrod, Chief Advisor in the White House

The latest confirmed staff member is Obama’s former chief campaign strategist, David Axelrod.  He has been chosen to serve as the Senior Advisor in the White House.  But just who is this guy?  This is the second installment of the “Getting to Know the Administration” series.

At the age of 27, Axelrod began writing for the Chicago Tribune as a political columnist.  After his time there, and a successful campaign for Paul Simon, he opened a political consulting firm, Axelrod & Associates.  He played a key part in many campaigns mayoral campaigns in Chicago, and eventually worked his way on to the national stage with John Edwards unsuccessful 2004 campaign.  Also worth noting, he worked with the new Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, on his 2006 House of Representatives race.  In 2008 he was names chief strategist and media advisor in Obama’s campaign for president.  He helped orchastrate the “Change” theme, and was responsible for many of the Obama campaign’s internet advertising.

This is a much safer choice than Rahm Emanuel.  Rahm is a lot for most handle, being extremely outspoken, aggressive, and not to mention severely partisan.  Axelrod however, is calm and soft spoken.  And, while he is certainly to the left, he’s going to be accepted more by conservatives, or at least that’s how I see it.  Most around him call him mild-mannered, and as political advisor Bill Daley put it, he is “not a screamer, like most”.  So, while he still hasn’t chosen a conservative staff member (or really even a moderate one), this choice will be more well recieved by the cosnervatives.  But then again, the vast majority won’t know (or care) who these staff members are when it all comes down to it.

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The Blame Game: Inside the Many False Claims About Sarah Palin


Shes still our favorite maverick!

She's still our favorite maverick!

Obviously the people on the McCain campaign are upset.  I’m upset.  A lot of people are upset.  But the anonymouse complaints about her are simply ridiculous.  First off, when you announce things anonymously, the statements automatically lose some credibility, especially after the campaign is over.  Secondly, what they are claiming is outrageous.  Here is what is being claimed, in short:

  1. She answered her hotel room door in a towel.
  2. She didn’t South Africa was a country.
  3. She didn’t know the countries that participate in NAFTA.
  4. She often “went rogue” on the campaign staff and ignored their requests.
  5. And that she often threw temper tantrums when things got difficult.

Sarah Palin has since spoken on the matters, which was a good move on her part.  She didn’t just do the political norm and skirt the issue either, she full-out confronted it.  She took each individual issue and gave what really happened.  She said the towel story was an out-right lie.  She then said the only time NAFTA or South Africa ever came up was in debate prep, and that she knew who participated in NAFTA and what South Africa was.  (I’ve come to the conclusion that in debate prep, something about South Africa came up and Sarah probably asked if they were referring to the southern portion of Africa, or South Africa.  Then the anonymous source stretched it to what it is today.)  Then she covered the “going rogue” remarks.  Let me start off by saying, if I was Sarah Palin I would have gone rogue too.  Their handling of her was terrible.  But anyway, she said that that may have come from her disagreeing with the campaign’s decision to pull out of Michigan, but she says she never directly went against the will of the campagin.  Lastly, common sense shows that she more than likely never threw big hissy fits.  The woman’s been in a high position before, she can deal with stress.  Plus, up until these claims came out, everything we’ve heard about her attitude on the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive.  There have been zero reports (before the anonymous source) of her ever getting upset or over stressed when dealing with a lot.

I think all this amounts to is just the casting of blame.  They lost the election and want to shift the focus from their attempts to someone else, but the sad thing is, it’s not going to work.  The people love Sarah Palin.  I think she will be around for many years to come.

Also, just a side note, she was cleared from any wrong-doing in the Troopergate Probe.  Looks like she is still a maverick after all!

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Here Are Some Interesting Numbers

Fighting it out for Election 2012

Fighting it out for Election 2012

According to the Associated Press exit polling, the number of voters who call themselves Republicans has decreased from 37% to 32% since 2004, and the number of people who identify with the Democrats has increased from 37% to 39% since 2004.  This is not doubt due to the Republican name being tarnished by our dear President Bush.  Also worth noting, 1 in 5 people who call themselves conservatives voted for Obama, while only 1 in 10 people who call themselves liberal voted for McCain.  This surprises me a great deal because John McCain is pretty moderate.  Barack Obama is extreme left.  Why any conservative would vote for him astonishes me.

But, there is a bright side:  voters ideoligies have not changed much at all.  The percentage of people who call themselves liberal rose a mere one point, from 21% in 2004 to 22% in 2008.  The percentage of people who call themselves conservatives held at 34%, and the percentage of people who call themselves moderate fell one point to 44% in 2008, compared to 45% in 2004.

I think that in 2012, after the democrats have had their turn and people see that the Bush years weren’t all that bad compared with Obama’s first term, the Republican party will come back stronger than ever.

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Getting to Know the Administration: Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel

As we all know, Rahm Emanuel has been chosen as Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff.  But just who is this guy?  This is the first part in a series that help you get to know each person that makes their way into the Obama administration.

Rahm Emanuel was appointed as Bill Clinton’s director of the finance committee during his 1992 run.  He was a key part in getting fundraising events scheduled for then governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton.  Upon Clinton’s victory, he bacame one of his senior advisors.  He was a key part in orchastrating the Clintons’ universal healthcare attempts in the early years, which we all know were massive disasters (more reason why Obama SHOULD NOT even attempt his.).  After the Clinton Presidency, he ran for House in Chicago successfully, and stayed in that position until he was selected by Obama as chief of staff.

His attitude has earned the nickname “Rahm-bo” through the years (It’s rumored that he once mailed rotting fish to a coworker that he had parted ways with) , and is very liberal.  His voting record is 100% pro-choice (meh.) and he takes the liberal route on just about all social issues.

I don’t like the guy.  If Obama plans to “govern from the center”, his staff is going to need to be a little more centrist, or at least more center-left.  Let’s take a look:  So far we have Barack Obama (most liberal senator in the U.S.), Joe Biden (3rd most liberal senator in the U.S.), and Rahm Emanuel (a hard left liberal who mails rotting fish to people, and is a strong supporter of universal healthcare.  The same thing that failed miserably in the early Clinton years.).  Hopefully the next few appointed will be a bit more moderate!

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Video of the Day: Here’s a “Shocker”

This is ridiculous.  Watch this and then someone please tell me how he became our president.

Any comments or e-mail responses are much appreciated.  Remember, if you fire off a good e-mail it may be featured on the site!

And a special thanks to krissmith777 for originally posting.  Check out his blog here.


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Confirmed: Chief of Staff is Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel Obama Chief of Staff

Rahm Emanuel, Obama's Chief of Staff

This could be a sign for what’s to come with Obama as president.  If the trend continues with choosing liberal partisans, then we could see a whole lot of governing from the left in the years to come.  I’ve told those that think he would try and go from the center that they are simply wrong.  The hard-left is what got him started, and as they pointed out yesterday on FOX, he owes them.  I imagine that they will all have a strong influence on him through the years, which will no doubt spell disaster in many ways.  All we can do is hope Emanuel is his most extreme staff member (can’t think of any other possibilities that could top that anyway.), and he puts some people we can trust to do what is truly right for this country in his cabinet.


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Well Look On the Bright Side..

The Democrats did not achieve the super majority in the senate!  There is still hope for us.  The Republican senators we do have are going to have to step it up and fight all of the liberal legislation that is no doubt going to come rolling through.  While the Republicans didn’t gain any new seats, they came pretty close in Louisiana.  I thought for a while we would get that one, but it broke for the incumbent democrat in the end.
Also worth noting:  California reversed it’s position on gay marriage.  The vote was extremely close, but in the end marriage was voted on to be defined as between a man and a woman.  This was a shocker to me.


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Breaking News: Early Exit Polling Is In!

I hate to get too excited, but things are looking good for us right now.  The latest exit polling numbers are in and while most show Obama leading, you will be thrilled by the small margin.  Especially since it is a known fact that exit polls ALWAYS favor the democrats.  Right now we’re showing Obama with only 4-point lead in Pennsylvania, 2 points in Virginia, 1 point in Florida and Ohio, and McCain is actually 2 points ahead in North Carolina.  If the trend holds like it was in 2004 when the exit polls showed Kerry up by a good margin then the McCain victory we dream of may very well become a reality.  Everyone needs to get out and vote though!  There is still time in most states!  I’ll be back every few minutes to update everone.  All we can do is pray and hope for the best!


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Election Eve: My Final Prediction

I can’t believe the time is come.  Tomorrow is the day that all of this anxiousness and uncertainty comes to a screeching hault, and I am either going to be the happiest I’ve been about a president in a long time, or the most upset I’ve ever been about a president.  Ever.  But that aside, here is my final prediction for how the Electoral College will go:


While a bunch of my liberal friends would call this scenario “ridiculous”,  I think it’s certainly do-able.  I even think McCain could see a resurgence in Colorado if things break his way.  Hopefully I’m not too far off in my estimates, it’s only a matter of time.  Get out and vote!  McCain/Palin 2008!


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Things Are Looking Up!

I’ve thought McCain was going to win since he picked Sarah Palin as his V.P.  And while I would be lying if I said I didn’t have my doubts at some points between then and now, I have been confident the American people would deliver.  Let’s take a look at what’s going McCain’s way in the closing days:

The latest solid voter findings are in, and they look good for McCain.  American’s living in Israel voted and McCain won in a landslide; 76% to 24%!  Now I know this is not a huge amount of voters, but the obvious benefit is that the American Jewish population will love this if they do see it (they’ll have to watch FOX, no one else is going to report this much), and they make up a decent portion of voters in Florida, which is a key state.  But the more subtle benefits are even greater:  46% of registered democrats living in Israel say they voted for McCain, while only 2% of registered conservatives voted for Obama.  If this trend holds true on Tuesday, we could see McCain take this election by a larger margin than anyone would have predicted.

Barack is campaigning in Iowa.  This is substantial because the latest polls are giving him a double digit lead.  Now obviously his internal polls are showing something different, because common sense would say that if you are leading by double digits why on earth would you spend time in a state 2 days before an election?  On top of that, the McCain campaign has said that its a “dead tie” in Iowa.

Pennsylvania.  The latest, most reliable public polls are showing a mere 4 point lead for Barack.  This coming after he had double digit leads as recently as a week ago, according to those same polls.  I can’t imagine what the internal polls are now saying for this one.  I standby the statement I made a week or two ago that McCain will win Pennsylvania.

The latest Zogby poll actually puts McCain AHEAD by 1 point.  I know that a one point lead is not much, but it’s something.  It just shows that McCain is truly gaining ground nationally.  Especially considering that same poll has had Obama ahead by double digits in the past two weeks.

These are just a few of the highlights of the last few days.  Hopefully this trend will continue and I’ll have some more things to be happy about real soon!


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McCain’s SNL Appearance

I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I thought it was great.  I was also extremely suprised they would put him on the show this close to the election instead of Obama.  I mean I know they weren’t like promoting him, but any coverage at the end of the election is beneficial in my eyes.  He seemed really comfortable on the show and worked very well with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.  He poked fun at his maverick image (saying he may resort to the “reverse maverick” or possibly even the “double maverick” if he current strategy fails.).  Tina Fey said she was “going rogue” by selling “Palin 2012” shirts secretly during the segment.  The general premise was that the McCain campaign could only afford airtime on QVC, so they sold McCain themed collectables throughout the segment.  I give the clips 5 stars.  They are totally worth a watch!


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Today in the Polls

Well it’s about time!  Today was John McCain’s day in the polls.  Today RCP National average shows Barack with a 6 point lead.  This is extremely close when it comes to polling numbers.  However, the latest Rasmussen poll says it’s even closer, with a mere 3 point Obama lead.  The RCP Average is inflated though, due to the latest Pew Research poll showing Obama with a 15 point lead.  I think things are looking up for us conservatives. TCJ Average- 4 points Obama

State Polls

Colorado- RCP Average showing a 7.4 lead for Obama.  However, the latest Rasmussen polls shows only a 4 point lead Obama.  This is down from yesterday’s number of 5 points lead for Obama.  I don’t really know what to expect on this one.  It’s truly a toss-up.  TCJ Average- 4.5 Obama

Florida-  Not really liking today’s update, although it isn’t terrible.  A 3.5 point lead for Obama according to the RCP Average.  I would still like to point out that the usually left-tilting Zogby poll has the race tied. TCJ Average- 2.5 points Obama

Missouri-  This is a bright spot.  RCP Average has a tiny 0.2 point lead for Obama, pretty much a tie.  The latest poll actually has McCain up by 2.  And get this, that’s a TIME MAGAZINE poll.  This leads me to believe McCain is up by more than just 2. TCJ Average- 2 points McCain

Nevada- This is a weird one.  I find it very hard to believe that in the course of one day McCain dropped 4 points in the RCP average.  This one is weird, so I really can’t say much about it.

New Hampshire- Also really weird.  Some unknown poll that I have certainly never heard of has Obama up by 24 points.  That is ridiculous.  Anyway, the latest Rasmussen has a 4 point race in Obama’s favor, which is extremely close.

New Mexico- We’ve finally got some new data, but I don’t really like what it says.  Good news is, the RCP Average is showing Obama’s lead down to 7 points.  The bad news is the latest Rasmussen shows Obama up 10 points.  Not much to work with here so no TCJ Average.

North Carolina-  Obama’s lead has dropped down to 1.3 points.  The latest Rasmussen poll actually has McCain up by 1.  I think things are finally turning around in North Carolina.  TCJ Average- 1 point McCain

Ohio- RCP Average at 5.8 points Obama.  I don’t think he’s got that much of a lead and I do think is still going to take this state.  The latest polls have it about 4 points Obama, that includes the latest Rasmussen.  TCJ Average- 3 points Obama

Pennsylvania- RCP Average showing an 11 point lead for Obama.  I think it’s actually much closer here.  This state is where my confidence comes from.  Clearly, the internal polls for both campaigns are showing it’s a close race.  If not, why are they both investing so much time and money into it?  This leads me to believe that all the states are closer than the public polls are letting on.  But anyway, the latest Rasmussen shows a 7 point lead for Obama.  TCJ Average- 8 points Obama

Virginia- RCP Average down to 7.6 points in favor of Obama.  The latest Rasmussen shows a 4 point Obama lead.  I really can’t see this state going democrat in this election.  TCJ Average- 5 points Obama

That’s all in today’s polls!  Thanks for reading!  Like I said, if there any states you want to add to the daily update just let me know.


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