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TCJ Arena Smackdown 2009: Come Up With a New Acronym for ACORN!- Blog Contest

Yeah I dont have a trophy this nice.

Yeah I don't have a trophy this nice.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

Above are the words that make up ACORN.  However, with today’s recent revelations, they are hardly fitting to their actual message.  For my first ever contest on this blog, I’d like to ask everyone to send in their suggestions and ideas for a new acronym for ACORN.  Whether it be a jab the help they gave the prostitute, or something that better describes their mission, all ideas are very welcomed.  At this time, there’s no prize for winning, but the best acronyms will be featured on the site.  And if you have a blog and you are featured on the site, I’ll be glad to throw the link up there.

Send any ideas to, or leave them below in a comment!

To watch the video of the ACORN interviews, click here.

To read the full breakdown of the ACORN scandal, click here.

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