Deluxe Membership

Welcome to the Deluxe Membership page of The Conservative Journal.  Here you can find the latest on how to become a deluxe member, and what’s going on in our deluxe member area.

Here are the benefits of Deluxe Membership:

  • Eligible for exclusive monthly giveaways (see below for this months).
  • Daily VIP Newsletter of what’s going on at The Conservative Journal.
  • Priority over standard members when e-mailing questions, article submissions, etc.
  • Much, much more to come!

There are several ways to sign-up, including:

  • Leaving a comment on this page saying you want to join.  Be sure and give your real e-mail address so you can confirm your membership with the confirmation e-mail.
  • Clicking this link and typing your e-mail address directly in.  Remember, make sure it’s the right one so you can confirm it.
  • E-mail me directly at with your name and e-mail address.  Again, be sure it’s your actual address so you can receive the confirmation e-mail.
  • If you are already subscribed to my feedburner e-mail update, you are grandfathered in as Deluxe Member.

Additional Methods:

The following are other ways to further your membership to The Conservative Journal Deluxe.  While you MUST be signed up for the newsletter to considered a member and be eligible for any giveaways, the following will not only serve to keep you better connected to The Conservative Journal but will increase your chances of winning.  Each additional service adds an entry for you into the pot.

Don’t forget you MUST be signed up for the e-mail newsletter (click here if you haven’t already signed up) to be considered a member, and therefore eligible for the great giveaways!

Why should I do this?

  • Deluxe Membership is win-win situation.  You receive ONE daily e-mail containing the stories of the day, and you get the oppurtunity to win great prizes.  These aren’t cracker jack box gifts, either; it’s good stuff!  I’m sure your thinking, what’s the catch?  There’s not one.  As long as you have confirmed your subscription and are receiving the daily newsletter, you are considered a Deluxe Member and are eligible for the monthly giveaway.  And it’s all absolutely free.

Note:  If you at any point unsubscribe to the daily e-mail, you are no longer considered a Deluxe Member, and therefore no longer eligible for any of the benefits.  Winners for the montly prize are chosen at random from the subscriber list using a random number generator.

Deluxe Membership News

At this time, there are no updates other than SIGN UP!

Current Giveaways

Enter now for your chance to win a brand new 16 GB Apple iPad!
Click here to read more.

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