The Conservative Journal features daily, weekly, and monthly special content.  Below is a list of things happening on certain days of the week, and things that will be daily features.

Weekly Calendar


  • “TCJ Seal of Approval”- We highlight a person in the United States that exhibit excellence and deserve to recognized.


  • “Weekly Roundup”- A round-up of the best articles we’ve read over the past week.


  • No Politics Tuesday- Times are tough, and we just need a day to figure our worries.  Tuesday is my day for just that.  Entertainment news, random stuff, whatever you can imagine not political is featured on this day.


  • “Check This Out!”- We pick a blog that we have enjoyed, be it new or old, and write a review of it.  Blogs picked for this get a spot on our “Top Blogs” page.


  • OPEN


  • OPEN


  • “TCJ Honorary Plaque of Fail”- The complete opposite of the “Seal of Appreciation” award.  Keith Olbermann,  we’re coming for you! (Not awarded weekly.  It’s just posted on Saturday’s when awarded.)
  • “Week In Review”- This post features news and stats from the previous week regarding The Conservative Journal.


As well as regular content, we also have these feature articles daily:

  • “Song of the Day”- A post of a song or live recording of a song that I really like.
  • “Video of the Day”- An interesting video we want share.  This may be political, or it may just be straight up funny!
  • “Poll of the Day”- A daily poll about any topic.  The results are detailed in the “Week In Review” post that comes out every Saturday.
  • “Pointless Post of the Day”-  NEWLY REVAMPED- Rather than a totally random topic, this post will now feature a post that delves a little deeper on something mentioned in a post earlier int he day.
  • “This Day in History”- A post that discusses past events that occurred on this day in history.

Monthly Events

  • “Month In Review”- Similar to “Week In Review”, just on a monthly scale.


These features our recurring series that occur on no particular schedule

  • DUmmies Exposed- Giving you the worst of the worst from the scum over at Democratic Underground.
  • Mail Bag- A post of user comments and/or e-mails that deserve a second look.
  • Top 10s- A post of the top 10 of something.  This includes the “10 Worst People of the Week” and others.
  • Letters to the Big Dogs- My “letters” to famous people or higher-ups.
  • Politics in Portraits- A political cartoon depicting a current issue.
  • TCJ Playlist- read about this here.
  • TCJ Library- read about this here.
  • Thoughts From the Blogosphere- I peruse the interwebs in search of opinions on the days discussions.