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Latest ACORN News Round-up: More Help For Prostitutes and a Bit of Good News

Friday’s are always very busy for me, so I didn’t have time for the post-a-thon that I went through yesterday regarding the ACORN prostitution scandal.  Many would say I’m running this into the ground, to which I’d say that I’m just picking up the slack for ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, etc.

In today’s “Spotlight on ACORN” segment, we see that the prostitution incident that happened in Baltimore was not an isolated incident, as video tape came in today of a very similar situation at the ACORN D.C. office.  Now, I’m going to have an EXTREMELY hard time being convinced that these were the only two instances of this taking place.  I’m sure less extreme cases of this occur all to often in ACORN offices across the country.

My first question is, how do these people get hired?  The answer:  The people running ACORN are even more corrupt, they’re just not blaringly obvious and they are smarter about.  The two Baltimore employees were fired yesterday because they didn’t meet ACORNS “quality standards of professionalism”, not because they advised a girl on how to successfully traffic 13 El Salvadorian teens into America.  They also issued a statement similar to Van Jones’s that said this was a smear campaign by the right and the stunt had been pulled in several offices unsuccessfully.  Well first off, using actually video footage of an event that paints a negative picture of something is not a smear campign; it is fact.  Secondly, if other offices didn’t give them aid, then those employees weren’t as corrupt and immoral as the ladies at the Baltimore office.  The fact that it was able to happen at all scares me enough.

The Good News is…..

The Census Buruea cut ties with ACORN, who was previously scheduled to help with the 2010 census.  A special thanks to Jerry Hosey (jhosey1206.wordpress.com) for alerting of this issue.  At least there have been a few reprocussions for ACORN as a group.  Maybe they’ll learn from this and not hire such bimbos to lead their offices.

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