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TCJ Honorary Plaque of Fail: Barack Obama and Gang

Dear Barack and Posse,

The city of New York and the entire United States ask that you please refrain from joy riding around in Air Force One at only hundreds of feet of above the ground.  We realize that we didn’t have any pictures of you in flying past The Statue of Liberty or Trump Towers, but please.  At least tie a banner to the back of the plan that says, “GOOD MORNING NEW YORK!  IT’S B.O. UP IN THIS PLANE”, or something to that effect.  We’ve even included a reference for you for the next time you want to take scenic shots of Manhattan:

Barack, we expect to see this next time.  Thank you.

Barack, we expect to see this next time. Thank you.

Anything less than that will be a disappointment.


The United States, excluding Frank-Pelosi-Reid.

For Barack and crew’s display of ignorance we award them with the “Honorary Plaque of Fail”, which even includes a place in the Hall of Fame!  This award is extra ironic because Barack was the first recipient of the “TCJ Seal of Approval” back when he took out those pirates in an efficient manner.  Well, in accordance to the law of gravity, what comes up must come down, and Barack’s status as upstanding member of society did just (Intentional exaggeration.  Don’t e-mail me about it.) that when he approved the flight of the Boeing 747 that flew low through the skies of Manhattan just so the White House Gift Shop could update its Statue of Liberty post card section.  The trip not only horrified many New Yorkers, but it cost (and wasted) millions of tax payer dollars.  And while “millions” of dollars is nothing in the grand scheme of the government budget, it’s the principal of the matter.  And for that, Barack and the gang, we tip our DUNCE caps to you.

What do you think of the flight through Manhattan?  Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to theconservativejournal@gmail.com!

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