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Video of the Day: Carly Smithson of We Are The Fallen Singing “Bury Me Alive” Acoustic

Here’s an amazing clip of Carly Smithson singing “Bury Me Alive” by her band We Are The Fallen.  Marty (one of the band members) had mentioned uploading the whole clip, and if he does that would be wonderful.  From the sound of the clip he gave us, I’m sure the full performance was outstanding!  I can’t wait to hear more from We Are The Fallen and Carly!

Sorry, I tried and failed to embed the link.  It’s a TwitVid, so WordPress probably hasn’t worked out the kinks with that.  Here’s the link:


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Video of the Day: Carly Smithson

This weekend I was doing my usual web surfing when I cam across some new tour videos of my all time American Idol, Carly Smithson.  Carly was the only contestant worth watching (for me at least) last season, and it was truly a crime against humanity when she was voted off.  Nevertheless, I feel very confident in saying that Carly has a big future ahead of her.  Her voice is INSANE and she has undeniable star quality and stage presence.  She is currently working on an album (Rumor has it’ll be on sale by the end of the year), which I’m sure will be incredible.  I’m quite certain that I’ll be writing several posts about the album/Carly appearances as time goes on.  Until then, however, I have the videos at the American Idol Stars Concert in Boise, courtesy of carlysangels.net.  Watch and enjoy:

This is Carly’s first single, “Let Me Fall”:

Click “keep reading” to see “Barracuda” and “Roxanne”!

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