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Sorry For My Absence Today, Duty Called!

Hello friends,

Sorry for the unexpected lack of posts, I had to work much later than I’d ever like to.  I had to finish up a project in the office and I just got home about 4 minutes ago.  So feel special in knowing that you, the readers of this blog, were the first thoughts that entered my mind when I got from 16 hours of work.

I’m try and throw together a “Bits and Pieces” post with the few shards I have left in me.  Also, a “Mail Bag” post is in order, but that may have to wait until tomorrow night.  I’m beat!

Note: Tomorrow, I will also be gone for the large part of the day, so no posting is likely.  I’m finishing up something at work and I’m going in tomorrow morning at around 7 to try and get everything finished so I can relax on Sunday, after church of course.

Also, Deluxe Membership is now available, click here to join for free and you could win a brand new netbook!

Thanks for reading!


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TCJ Honorary Plaque of Fail: Recognizing the Excellent Failures That Color Our Lives

Because the world is full of interesting failures, we must have an award to honor those that exhibit exceptional fails.  These fails won’t be your typical fails that you see all over the internet, nor the fabricated variety you can find all over the interweb; but fails that occur in the lives of our finest: politicians, celebrities, etc.  Check back in a few minutes to see who kicks off our “Honorary Plaque of Fail” award!

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Thanks for reading.


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