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Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead: The House Has Voted to Defund ACORN

I’ve never been so frustrated.  I just wrote an entire post about the vote by the House to defund ACORN and the when I clicked “post” it erased everything and posted a blank article.  I have a killer headache, so I’m not about to retype all of that, so I’m going to have to break my number 1 rule and….. **shutter** just post a link.  I can’t believe this is happening.  Don’t disown me readers, it will never happen again.


If your representative is one of the 75 clueless congressmen and women that voted NOT to defund ACORN, please give their office a call.  If they haven’t seen the light yet, it’s going to take some serious discussions.

Click here to vote in the Poll of the Day regarding the House vote!

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