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Poll of the Day: Was Miss California Carrie Prejean’s Question Fair?

In case you missed the clip you can watch it here.

I have to say that I don’t think the question was fair.  It was asked by a gay gossip blogger, who was clearly not thrilled when she said she believed marriage was between a man and a woman.  He then gave Carrie a zero for her answer, which no doubt played a large part in her losing the competition.  Do you think this is fair?  Vote below in today’s poll of the day!

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The Inquiring Mind: Check This Out!

Featured Blog Winners!We in the United States are very opinionated people.  We are also very biased depending on our location, family views, etc.  For example, being from the south, I have a predilection to cringe at the world liberal, as northerners do for the word Republican (Exaggerated metaphor, do not e-mail me about it.  I know every liberal doesn’t cringe over a Republican.).  So in order to truly get an unbiased opinion, I feel like we have to look elsewhere; meaning outside the U.S.  Well, The Inquiring Mind is good for just that.  This New Zealander describes himself as liberal on social issues, but right-leaning on economic, making him an even better source for an unbiased view.  The Inquiring Mind covers a plethora (Word of the Day) of issues, from goings about in New Zealand, to entertainment, to political issues spanning the globe; not to mention hilarious political cartoons.  I strongly recommend The Inquiring Mind be added to your daily blog visits!

Visit The Inquiring Mind by clicking here.

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