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Music Review: Carrie Underwood’s Latest Single “Cowboy Casanova”

I love the interweb.  Without it, Carrie Underwood’s latest single, “Cowboy Casanova”, from her upcoming album Play On (in stores November 3!) wouldn’t be out until the 8th.  I discovered it late last night and listened to it a few times and then woke up and listened to it some more.  She’s truly got an amazing voice.  Anyway, on to the song….

To the top of the charts, and beyond!

When I first listened to “Cowboy Casanova”, I must admit I wasn’t sold.  However, upon third listen, I was hooked.  Fans of Carrie will no doubt find it impossible to tear themselves away from the beat and incredible vocals, and new fans will be drawn in by the brilliant hook.  I see “Cowboy Casanova” rivaling, if not passing, “Before He Cheats” in the success department, but not necessarily because I think it’s a better song.  We all know there will always only be one “Before He Cheats” and it is epic.  However, “Cowboy Casanova” is nearly as strong a song PLUS it’s a first single, and those tend to perform exceptionally well on the charts.  The excitement from the release of Play On in November and all of the promotion will probably give Carrie her best shot at #1 on the Hot 100 with this song, unless of course she has some KILLER songs on the album, which I don’t doubt.

Rocking Carrie > Everything

As for the actual song, “Cowboy Casanova” breaks Carrie’s pattern of more sentimental lead-off singles in a big way.  It starts off with a bumpin’ beat and some intense strings and then Carrie tears into the vocals.  People that are more technically educated in singing can correct me if I’m wrong, but these vocals might be some of Carrie’s most soaring yet.   The song also incorporates the more rock vibe Carrie has been known to infuse in concert performances and, of course, my favorite performance she’s ever done: “Last Name” from the Grammys last year.

If “Cowboy Casanova” is any indication of the style of songs we’ll find on Play On, more country/pop/rock, I expect it to be closer in succes to Some Hearts than Carnival Ride. Carrie’s got a monster hit on her hands and if her promotion team can get it together (They’ve never impressed me), she could ride this one all the way to the top of The Hot 100.

The Verdict

Carrie is awesome and “Cowboy Casanova” is rocking.  Of course it makes the TCJ Playlist!

The Rating

9 out of 10 Elephants

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