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Increase Blog Traffic With Blogsurfer: Check This out!

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I’ve been talking about Alpha Inventions and all of the great help it’s been in furthering my site for nearly a year now.  While I’ve been praising and using Alpha Inventions nearly I every day, I’ve also been using a smaller blogging utility called Blogsurfer.us, formerly known as Condron.us.

Blogsurfer.us allows you to submit your blog into a continuous shuffle of blogs, leading to an increase in traffic.  While the traffic numbers don’t really rival those of Alpha Inventions, Blogsurfer.us has its benefits.  For starters, Blogsurfer is extremely stable and has a very precise feel.  Blogsurfer displays a timer in the top left corner that displays how many more seconds until the next blog will appear.  This is extremely useful in assuring yourself that you have enough time to bookmark blogs you are interesting.  Also unique to Blogsurfer is a forum for users to interact and exchange blog URLs.  Submitting your blog to the rotation is also extremely easy; you simply press “Add Blog” and type in your URL, e-mail, and category.  I can usually pull out about 10 unique visitors per submission, wihch is definitely worth the 5 seconds it takes to enter the blog information.  Be sure and check out Blogsurfer.us today!

To visit Blogsurfer.us, click here.

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