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PolitiFact OBAMeter: Check This Out!

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Track all of Barack's numerous promises with this useful meter!

Earlier today I was browsing around the internet when I came across Politifact.com, a partner of the St. Petersburg Times.  One section of the site that was especially interesting to me was the “OBAMeter” section.  This useful meter looks at 510 of his campaign promises and rates them either as “No Action”, “In the Works”, or “Stalled”.  Once the action is carried out, it is ranked either as “Promise Kept”, “Compromise”, or “Promise Broken”.  So far, the majority of the promises, understandably, have received no action.  Of the 35 that have been acted on, 21 are still in the works, 9 were kept, 3 were met with a compromise, and 2 have been broken.  Visit the OBAMeter at Politifact to see just what 2 promises have been broken!

The OBAMeter is a great tool to track the every move of Barack, one that I will make a everyday read.

Funnier still; the site slogan:

-“I want you to hold our government accountable.  I want you to hold me accountable” (Barack Obama)

-“Okay, we will.” (PolitiFact)

Visit PolitiFact today by clicking here.

Go directly to the OBAMeter by clicking here.


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