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DUmmies Exposed: Let’s Kill Babies to Cut Costs!

Yes, there are some people in this country that sincerely think the government should fund abortions to cut national healthcare spending.  Here is a direct quote from the original poster of a thread titled “It makes no sense for any health plan to not pay 100% of the cost of an abortion” (found here) at Democratic Underground:

If a child is born to a subscriber of a plan the child is going to cost the plan money, providing for abortions saves a health plan (government, private or hybrid) costs.

Though some on the forum did express their disagreement with this sentiment, there were plenty of people that “completely agreed”.  How people even think this way is beyond me.  Human life comes before cutting a few thousand dollars off the government budget.  Better yet, why not just bypass the trillions of dollars of extra debt and not have govnerment run healthcare.  That eliminates the problem of having to kill off a few babies to have money leftover to buy the Obama kids another playground.

What do you think of this bright star on the moral horizon?

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