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Ellen Degeneres to Replace Paula Abdul as the New Fourth Judge on American Idol: Could This Be the Big Turn Around They Need?

The new face of American Idol.

The new face of American Idol.

American Idol and Ellen Degeneres shocked pretty much everyone when they announced that she’d be filling in for Paula Abdul on the next season of American Idol.  I know I’m shocked, but very excited.

Many have been saying that giving Ellen the job “degrades the character of the show as she has no musical experience”.  Guys… It’s a karaoke contest, not an official showcase of fine talent.  I personally think that was a brilliant move by American Idol because Ellen will provide much needed humor to the show.  There’s no denying that American Idol, as much as I love it, is faltering in the ratings.  They needed something big to turn things around and if Ellen goes on the show and doesn’t try to act like she knows what she’s talking this could be just what they needed.  I think she’s going to provide for more laughs than any other previous Idol seasons have been able to muster.

With Paula gone, there’s no loving character to nurture contestants.  Ellen can fill that void while being competent at the same time, something Paula always struggled with.  And so what if she has no experience in the music business?  Paula, even with her years in the industry, never made any sense at all.

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