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TCJ Seal of Approval: Carrie Underwood!

I have been trying to think of a way to say something about Carrie Underwood on this blog for some time now.  It finally came to me about 3 minutes ago that Ms. Underwood is definitely deserving of the prestigious Conservative Journal Seal of Apporval!

Ever since Carrie Underwood won the 4th season of American Idol, she has accomplished great things in the music industry, as well as in the world.  Her first album, Some Hearts, was certified 7x platinum (That’s shipping over 7 million CDs for those that aren’t hip on the lingo), and produced 4 number 1 singles in a row.  Her smash hit, “Before He Cheats”, became the first country song to sell over 2 million digital downloads.  Her second album, Carnival Ride, has sold nearly 3 million copies and produced 5 number 1 singles, making her one of the only artists in history to have 10 consecutive #1’s.  Also worth noting is her recent win as Entertainer of the Year, joining the ranks of only a handful of females to ever win that top honor.

But the reason she wins this award isn’t for her Grammys, her ACMs, her CMAs, or anything else.  It’s because she’s remained a moral, Christ-like person through the rigors of extreme fame.  Since winning American Idol 4 years ago, I have yet to hear one time about Carrie Underwood getting drunk and wild at the club.  Carrie hasn’t been caught in a sex-tape scandal.  She hasn’t posed nude for any kind of magazine.  She’s remained grounded despite her enormous successes.  Taking a quick glance at the celebrity scene, it’s hard to pick out more than 1 or 2 that rival Carrie in handling their rise to fame well.  It’s truly a testament to Carrie’s faith that she has managed not to stray from the path she was on pre-Idol.  But of course, we can’t leave out her parents, who equally deserve this award for instilling in their daughter such great Christian values.  Maybe they should receive the next Seal of Approval?

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