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EnergyFLA UPDATE: Answering Your Questions About Energy FLA

This is the second part in the multi-part series detailing the EnergyFLA project.  In this post, I’ll answer the questions readers e-mailed to me regarding the first post.  To read the first post of the series that explains EnergyFLA, click here.

Q: Will the drills used to retrieve the oil be visible from the beach?  (Sandy R.)

A: Only if you’re looking for it through binoculars.  Temporary rigs will be built from 3 to 6 miles off of the shore, which will be far enough away to prevent visibility from the beach.  Also, technology has changed quite a bit since Florida last allowed offshore drilling in state waters.  The unsightly rigs of the late 80s have evolved into the nearly invisible rigs of today.  Don’t worry, the pristine views from the beach won’t be damaged at all.

Q: Gas prices are declining, so obviously supply is sufficient.  Why do we need more oil? (Robert M.)

A: While gas prices have decreased, it’s not because we’re producing more oil.  According to a study posted in the Washington Post, oil consumption nearly doubled production in the U.S., the biggest consumption vs. production gap in our nation’s history.  We turn to other suppliers for our oil; in fact, the U.S. is the number 1 oil importer in the world.

Q: Are we positive that oil is located off of Florida’s coasts? (Cindy C.)

A: Yes.  Some amount of oil is definitely located off of Florida’s coast.  Oil can be found in Jay and Blackjack oil fields, as well as in the Sunniland region.  In between these two areas are 4.5 million acres of unexplored ocean floor that experts believe could hold many more potential oil fields.  The goal of EnergyFLA is to explore potential areas oil and natural gas could be located.

Q: Will drilling hurt the sea life?  (Michael S.)

A: This is one of the most common misconceptions about offshore drilling.  States throughout the gulf manage to balance offshore drilling and a successful fishing industry.  Clearly, if it hasn’t caused a problem for the other gulf states, it wouldn’t cause a problem for Florida.

Q: I don’t live in Florida, why should I support this? (Steve L.)

A: That’s a great question.  Domestic offshore drilling will push the United States closer to energy independence.  We won’t have to rely on foreign nations to give us our energy because we’ll have it all here at home.  Domestic drilling also gives Americans the possibility for potentially lower gas prices.  Who wouldn’t won’t to pay a little less hard earned cash for gas?  Oh yeah, I’m not a resident of Florida either, but as you can see I realize the benefits this will have across the nation.

Q: How many jobs will this project create?  (Matt T.)

A: I think I covered this in the first post, but if you missed it I’ll review.  Offshore drilling in Florida will 20,000 additional permanent jobs.  When you factor in the manpower to get the drills going, you have 40,000 jobs created.  All of the additional jobs in addition to the increase in revenue will be a pleasant boost to Florida’s economy.

I still have several questions that I’ll save for another day, so if you have something you’d like to be answered, send it in!  I’ll be happy to answer it to the best of my ability.

Send in those questions!  Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to theconservativejournal@gmail.com.  Don’t forget to bookmark The Conservative Journal and sign up for the RSS Feed and the daily e-mail newsletter.

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EnergyFLA.com: Check This Out!

If you missed my earlier post discussing what exactly EnergyFLA is, click here.

Featured Blog Winners!

EnergyFLA.com is the headquarters for information about the prospects of offshore drilling in Florida.  The site features an e-mail newsletter than fans of the project can easily sign up for and keep up-to-date with news straight from the core of EnergyFLA.  The site also featuers links for contacting the governor and legislature in Florida so you can let them know that you stand in firm support of the project.

Also very useful is the multi-media under the “Resources” tab.  This page features videos and interactive content that further explain the groups goals for offshore drilling in Florida.  If all this isn’t enough to convince you support the project, just head back to the homepage and look at the “Missed Economic Opportunity” bar where you can see possible funds for the state of Florida ticking away.

To visit EnergyFLA.com, click here.

To visit all recipients of the Check This Out! Award, click here.

What do you think of the EnergyFLA efforts?  Remember, send in your questions and check back Saturday to view answers to all of your questions regarding the project.

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Pointless Post of the Day: The Tree Circus

The most famous Tree Circus tree, The Basket Tree.

The most famous Tree Circus tree, "The Basket Tree".

The Tree Circus was opened in 1947 by Axel Erlandson after he visited “The Mystery Spot” in Santa Cruz, California.  Erlandson decided that if the people lined up and paid to see “The Mystery Spot” he could make some cash showcasing

One of the many tree circus trees.

One of the many tree circus trees.

the odd trees he had been cultivating for several years.  He bought a patch of land in Scotts Valley, California, and began moving his most bizarre and interesting trees to that location.  The Tree Circus never produced millions for Erlandson, one of his best years he made a mere $320.  However, Erlandson’s trees were popular among the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! circuit, being featured in Ripley’s publication 12 times.

Upon Erlandson’s death, the owner of Gilroy Gardens in Gilroy, California, purchased the trees and had them moved to his theme park.  24 of the trees can be found there today.

Have you ever seen any of the members of “The Tree Circus”?  Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to theconservativejournal@gmail.com.  Don’t forget to bookmark The Conservative Journal and sign up for the RSS Feed and the daily e-mail newsletter.

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Week In Review: April 19th-25th

Site News

  • This week, a new feature was introduced at The Conservative Journal:  The Library!  The TCJ Library will feature must read books and magazines that I have read and reviewed, or those that have been suggested to me by readers.  If you have written a book or know of a book that you think should be included, please e-mail me a theconservativejournal@gmail.com!  For more details, click here.

Top 10 Posts and Pages of the Week

Everyone seemed to like these, so if you missed be sure to click the article and them out!

  1. Video of the Day: More From Susan Boyle!
  2. Video of the Day: Susan Boyle!
  3. What’s Everyone’s Beef With Meghan McCain?
  4. Parks and Recreation “The Reporter” Recap
  5. Happy Al Gore Day Everyone!
  6. Fringe “Bad Dreams” Recap
  7. UPDATE: Levi Johnston Says His Family Isn’t White Trash
  8. Mail Bag: I’m Behind, I Know
  9. Week In Review: April 12th-18th
  10. TCJ Library Addition: Vilified!

Posts From the Week

If you missed these posts the first time around, be sure to click the title and read it now!  They in order from oldest to newest.

Poll of the Day Results

April 19th- Do You Care At All About Barack’s New Dog?

  • 38% agree with me in saying that coverage is getting ridiculous, 28% don’t really care if they talk about it or not, 24% think it’s great to hear about their personal lives, and the remaining 10% didn’t he got a dog.  I wonder what rock they’ve been living under?

April 20th- Do You Consider Waterboarding Torture?

  • 56% of those that voted think that waterboarding is not a form of torture, 38% think that it is torture, and the remaining 6% don’t know what waterboarding is.

April 21st- Who Was Your Favorite On American Idol?

  • Every week so far, Adam Lambert has taken top honors as your favorite American Idol contestant.  This week, however, he passes the crown on to Kris Allen, who received 26% of the vote.  Adam Lambert was close, though, with 25% of the vote.  The rest of the idols stacked up as follows:  Matt Giraud  received 15%, Allison Iraheta received 13%, Danny Gokey received 8% of the vote, Anoop Desai received 4% of the vote, and Lil Rounds came in last with 1%.  The remaining 7% dont’ watch.  Again this week, the voters predicted the bottom two, who both left in a double elimination.

April 22nd- What Do You Think of the NOM Ad?

  • 43% of those that voted said that, even though they were conservative, they were against the ad, 37% said it was moronic, 11% thought the ad was great, and 9% don’t know what to think.

April 23rd- Was Carrie Prejean’s (Miss California) Question Fair?

  • 68% said that they question was not fair, 21% thought it was fair, and the remaining 11% weren’t sure.


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Poll of the Day: What Do You Think of the KCAs Hypocrisy?

Recently I recevied a tip in my e-mail about some hypocrisy going on at the Kids Choice Awards after party.  If you didn’t read the article, click here.  What do you think of this?  Vote below in today’s poll!

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DUmmies Exposed: Kids Choice Awards Hypocrisy

I wonder if thats the truck dropping off Nicks crap?

I wonder if that's the truck dropping off Nick's crap?

Yesterday a posted about the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards excessive talk about global warming during this year’s telecast.  They constantly barraged the teen audience with facts about global warming throughout the show, with Leonardo DiCaprio eventually telling the kids that “our mother is hurting!”.  When I posted the article, I made sure to point out that I have no problem with educating kids of taking small precautions to help the environment, even though I personally believe global warming is merely a cycle and not influenced by humans in any way.  I mean really, what’s picking up some litter going to hurt?  Well, today I received an interesting e-mail, but before I explain the contents of the message I want to make this clear:  I am in no way proclaiming this to be 100% fact, as all I have is the statement by a reader that could have simply fabricated the entire thing.  If you know this to be untrue, please kindly let me know and I will write a retraction.  All I am doing is relaying information that I was given. Is everyone clear?  Alright, good.

Today I received an e-mail regarding the Kids Choice Awards that claimed that the show was not practicing what they preach.  At the Kids Choice Awards after party, the e-mails claims, the several thousand guests in attendance were treated to fine meal that was served on paper plates and eaten with plastic utensils.  The drinks were also served in disposable plastic cups.  At the end of the night, the plates, cups, and utensils were bagged up and hauled off the nearest dump, where they will be burried in the landfill.  Do I have any problem with this?  Absolutely not.  However, the Kids Choice Awards spent a considerable amount of the 1 and a half hour event explaining to millions of kids across the country the benefits of recycling and using environmentally friendly products.  You would think the people in charge of the event would have set up rows of recycling bins in order to solidify their stance on environmental protection.  If this does turn out to be true (I believe it), then Nickelodeon obviously isn’t as concerned with the environment as they want us to be.

What do you think of the KCAs not practicing their environment protection methods?  Remember, if you have evidence to the contrary of this, please let me know.  I would hate to spread lies around the internet.  Leave your comments on this below or e-mail us at theconservativejournal@gmail.com.

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Global Warming: Dang, You Fooled Us

The heat is coming, just wait until June!

The heat is coming, just wait until June!

The global warming epidemic that is apparently going to cause our demise very shortly, unless we learn to harness the air as a fuel source of course, has apparently been on a hiatus the past few weeks as record cold has settled in across the enitre nation, as well as overseas.  The state of Kentucky is virtually shut down due to the extreme weather that has pounded on the state for days now.  Just two months ago, southern Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas experienced up to 8 inches of snow.  (Looks like to me the only “global warming” is occurring in the Oval Office).  Sound a little strange to you that while the liberal/eco-junkie population are preaching of imenant environmental meltdown the country is experiencing one of it’s coldest years on record?  It should, and you aren’t alone.  But of course with the rush of frigid air comes the wave of ridiculous claims by the left.  These range from, “Duh, we said it was going to get colder first” too “It’s the kids’ fault!”, all of which make no sense.  The very principal that people have the power to control one of the powerful things in the world, the environment, is ridiculous, but that’s another story for another day.

So what do you think of all this?  What do you expect the next excuse for the cold weather will be?  How much longer can Al Gore act oblivious to the cold weather?  Leave a comment below or send an e-mail to theconservativejournal@gmail.com and it may featured on the site!

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Obama Growing Orchids in the Oval Office?

When your the president, the heat can be as high as you want.

When your the president, the heat can be as high as you want.

Remember when Barack said that if everyone would just toughen up and quit putting the thermostat on 72 the world would be a better place? (Alright, so I stretched it a little.  The basic statement was we can’t keep our heat on 72 and expect to be taken seriously with environmental advancements).  Well apparently that only applies to us (what’s new?)  because instead of Barack simply putting on his jacket in the Oval Office, he put the heat at a reported 78 degress.  I see absolutley NO problem with using the heater (that’s why it’s there), but come one, don’t preach about being green and conserving when you keep your heat 6 degrees above what you made out to be a ludacris amount.  David Axelrod, genius that he is, made a statement on the matter: “He’s from Hawaii, O.K.?  He likes it warm.  You could grow orchids in there.”  Nicely put, Dave.  So in my mind, Barack better be opening up a florist and pumping the procedes into the economy, because that’s the only way this hypocracy is accpetable.  What this shows me is that he is not sincerely concerned with the global warming hooey, so why should we be?
What do you think about this?  Am I just blowing this completely out of proportion?  Probably so.  Leave a comment below or send us an e-mail at theconservativejournal@gmail.com.  Remember your post could be featured on the site!

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