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Pointless Post of the Day: The Ugli Fruit

This is one ugly Ugli.

This is one ugly Ugli.

Yes, the Ugli is a real fruit.  It is not, however, pronouced like the adjective “ugly”, but rather like “ooo-glee”.  This is far more fun than just calling it an ugly, and it’s correct.  The Ugli is native to Jamaica and is a hybrid tangerine and grapefruit.

Though Ugli is not pronounced “ugly”, that is how it received it’s name.  The Ugli fruit shown above is actually a very pretty Ugli.  Most Uglis have wrinkly, saggy skin that is the color of an old orange or tangerine.  In fact, many people mistake Ugli fruits at the grocery store for old oranges that are a little too ripe.  That is not the case, however, as Ugli fruits are very juicy and relate more closely in taste to the tangerine side of it’s family tree.  Go out and buy your Ugli today!

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