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Glenn Beck: “We have to refound America!”- His Solution to Fix the Decline of Our Government

To read the update on the “Refound America” project, click here.

A few short minutes ago, Glenn Beck let us all know what he thinks is necessary to save America: refound it.  Using theswine flu impact graphic, Glenn showed us that corruption starts in Washington and spreads with every move the government makes.  When Congress signs over stimulus money, the corruption leaks down to the pet projects and the congressmen and women presiding over them.  From their, corruption gets into the system at the local level, and that’s where we are today: extremely and overwhelmingly corrupt.  To fix it, Glenn says we have to “quarantine corruption in Washington”, by not allowing anything in or out, and imposing a hold on all legislation until we sort through this.

After comparing our future to present-day Mexico, Glenn said we simply need 56 “refounders”; Congressmen and women that will start with their own party and work through the muck of corruption.  Not Republicans that say “Oh, the Democrats are worse”, or Democrats that say “The Republicans are wingnuts”, but American Patriots.

The refounding plan will be detailed more on the Monday “Glenn Beck Program” episode, including how Congressmen and women can jump on the refouding bandwagon.  I’ll have more details as they become available.

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