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DUmmies Exposed: Heaven Forbid They Help Out

Democratic DUmmies from the DUmp

For the first post of this series, I would like to show everyone just how campassionate some one the left are:

These posts were included in a thread titled “I just got a request from a neighboring church for supplies”.

Here is the original post by the DUmmy:

I just got a request from a neighboring church for supplies

for a naval ship that a parishioner is on. How do you feel about such requests? I always think the Pentagon has such a huge budget that it ought to be able to provide shampoo and soap for sailors. I feel like ordinary citizens providing these things just frees up more money for ridiculous weapon systems and other wasteful Pentagon spending. So, I really have two questions. First, do sailors on Navy ships really go without soap and shampoo if people back home don’t collect them? Secondly, how do you feel about such requests?

(I think I’ll put on my flame proof suit, just in case. :hi: )

Wow, I guess the liberal philosophy of helping others only applies if it’s government mandadted?  Doing good deeds out of the kindness in your heart doesn’t count.  The posts that follow go on to question the validity of they requests, one even saying that she managed to shove 4 months of supplies into two duffle bags so those on the ship should do the same.  One even said the passengers could always buy their supplies from the ship store.  Nearly all of those that replied discouraged the poster from sending anything in.
For the entire thread, put this in the address bar, http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389×5255504.  I don’t want to give those morons link credit. 🙂
I just don’t understand what’s so fishy about a church request such as this?  The people that are all about a free ride from the government won’t donate some soap to people in the Navy?  That’s just sad.
What do you think about posts like this?  Can you believe how hypocritical some people are?  Leave your comments below or e-mail us at theconservativejournal@gmail.com.  If you’ve seen liberal nonsense that needs to be featured, let us know!
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